Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mental Train Wreck: (Unedited): 04 March 2015:

Any person who has created for themselves many identities or avatars. Is just a mental train wreck.
How many identities or avatars do you have? Is there even a difference psychologically to your well being? Is it confusing in the beginning or do you think you can manage all of your different identities and avatars? Will you in the end lose your own self identity?
I know of people who have a personal identity that they have away from family. They even have that identity in which they show only to family. They have their professional identity. They have their religious identity. Then they also have many avatar identities on the internet social websites. All of these different identities can have vastly different psychological traits.
What is true? Is that you have only one identity. It is who you are and what you are. All of the good, the bad and the ugly. All of the decisions you have ever made. The right , the wrong and the indifferent.
Now in this modern age. We can be anyone at any time. With little or no judgement against you. If you get caught just lie and lie and lie.
The warning signs never seem to come in regards to who you are or what you are becoming. You internally begin to think you are all of these creations of yours. Thus, losing the truth of what you once were and even forgetting over time. Any lie and deception always mask the truth in the end. All of your deceptions and lies will end time murder the good person you once were. If you were every really a good person. That's pretty hard to swallow.
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