Thursday, March 5, 2015

Demonic Identity Revealed: (unedited): 05 March 2015:

Rage and spiteful accusations may come from the demonic person. Whose sins and identity is revealed. 
Discovering a demonic person and revealing their sins and identity may not turn out the way you might expect. A typical person whose sin is revealed may just say "so what. and?". Another person may become fearful at the revelation and either depart, lie and deny.
There are many who are actively against the good and righteous of this world. It is they who may very well be demonically infused in spirit. Even the children. Yes, even the children can be demonically possessed because of the unbelief, alcoholism, drug addictions as well as legal medication use of the parents. The spiritual protection mechanisms are not present in those young ones. It is sad to know and much more sad when you witness unaware, unknowing and unbelieving parents who have a child taken over by a demonic being.
In the next decade the world will see a rise in demonic possessions of children.
The current rulers of the world will have demonic acquaintances. From lesser degrees to greater degrees. This is why ruling family members are preferred over anyone else who has not been involved with any demonic entities. The human form does evolve or DE-evolve from one generation to the next. This evolution or DE-evolution is very subtle.
Some or many of these demonic entities are so powerful. Just their mere presence can cause insanity. Especially in person who have never been in any contact with any angelic being.  But, over time and with just minimal contact the effect on the mind can be mitigated. Even for generations. Until, a point comes when the human form has become a dwelling place for demonic entities with/without physical or mental harm to the host body. This process may be ideal for the child rearing adults. The child can be raised up as a purely demonic baby. In controlled situations.
Those human leaders who think they can control these demonic babies in adulthood. Well, They will be wrong and have unwittingly done their part to create viable host for demonic hosts. This is happening right now. I believe this. The process will be created where a percentage of the human population will become demonic naturally.
The demons which lost their physical forms will have new ones. There will be absolutely no human control over them. With their collective hate and thirst for the extinction of the whole human species. Humanity will fail to survive. Their individual intelligence is on a magnitude greater than that of the most intelligent humans. Their collective intelligence is on the order of many, many magnitudes greater than all of humanity combined. I cannot fathom it.
Which is why you who may become one of the raptured. You will need to evolve yourself out of being merely religious and becoming righteous and holy in the eyes of the Heavenly Father above.
Added on 23 June 2015:
Some of the first people to be taken over by the most powerful of demons shall be the human leaders of the world. Anyone from corporate officers, politicians, social leaders, cultural leaders and religious leaders.
Religious leaders shall become taken over by demonic entities. Why is this and how can it be? The why is because the religious leaders were never known to The God of all.
The wealthiest and most famous of all of the religious persons in the world today. Will be the ones at the most risk. So to their families and next generation of young religious leaders. There is a difference between being religious and being righteous as decided and accepted by God.
A religious person MAY not be known to God where as a righteous person may be known to God.
The abomination of desolation has already begun and no one knows not of it. This is because of false prophetic interpretations of Bible prophecies. Just as everyone in the Days of the coming of the Messiah knew he was to come very soon. They knew him not because He was not what was expected or wanted. The Messiah came to serve and teach the lessons of love and forgiveness. The Messiah did not come to militarily free his people from the Roman empire. So "we all" of our ancestors wrongly accused an innocent man. "We all" tortured him and then "we all" murdered him.
But, once the crucified man gave up his ghost and all of the other signs manifested. Jesus Christ was known to be who he was. There was no longer any doubt to the witnesses present. There wasn't the cloud of wrongful misinterpretations. The prophecies were perfectly clear to those who knew them intimately. So to shall be all of the Biblical prophecies of today. The incorrect interpretations shall be known in the moment of their occurrence. To those who know and have a desire to believe in them.
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