Friday, March 6, 2015

Impact Empath: (Unedited): 04 March 2015:

If you have a genetic or even a personal relationship with an empath. Always know that all of your negative thoughts and emotions will have an instantaneous impact upon the empath. No matter the distance.
Here is the truth. All or most human beings are empathic. It doesn't matter if you believe in your empathic nature or not. To reject your empathic abilities. Can be seen as inhuman. Study empathy for yourself. How do you feel when you watch your favorite sports team score or even win a game? How do you feel when you see abused animals cruelly mistreated. How do you feel when a child is mistreated? How do you feel when the love of your life or a family member or a friend is mistreated?
Most human beings are empathic. Those who are not are most likely in jail. Because, they did not care or value the people they have harmed in some way. Those who refuse to care are apathetic and is a non-emotional as to why they have done what they have done. Maybe, some or many will one day care again. Maybe, someday many will love those strangers as their brothers and sisters. No matter their skin coloring. No matter The shape of their eyes or nose. No matter how tall they are or how fat. We are all of one genetic family of humanity. This is proven scientifically as well as in the ancient story of origins.
We all have a instantaneous spiritual and emotional impact on everyone else. The neighbor whom you do not know has marital strife? It affects you directly and instantaneously. The armed robbery down the street affects you directly and instantaneously. The new employee who shows up to work on their first day is obviously high and begins consuming alcoholic beverages. This has an instantaneous impact on you. So all that we all do, think and feel in this life of the here and now. Has a direct and instantaneous impact on everyone. But,it goes a step further. All of that negative emotional stuff can be transmitted to another person. Until such a point in time when someone from the other side of this planet becomes enraged and acts out. They may not even know why. But the waves of negative emotions and thoughts have self generated a powerful tidal effect as it moves about.
I see this as random wave mechanics. Where millions of waves in the deep ocean of humanities thoughts and emotions. Suddenly and seemingly random creates that super wave of negative emotions and thoughts. For the basic human animal who knows not the how or why. Must find a way to get rid of all of this negative energy and that is usually through acting out all of that instantaneously built up negative energies. Through rage, hate and anger. Some sense of the lack of some ill defined social justice.
So battles and attacks begins. War has begun. Because, someone did a thing and offended another group of people.
This is a reason why the ancient religious laws are so very important to living a life with purpose and meaning. If you honor the ancient religious laws because you freely choose to do so. Then the impacts upon this Earth will be like a huge cancelling wave. Easing all of the negative waves into smoother waters for all of humanity to discover a stress free environment for the whole of humanity.
The old teachings of GOD commanded these ancient laws are true. But, God is also a God of natural consequences. If you break a commandment of Gods laws within your own mind. God is most likely not going to immediately strike you down. If God did those kinds of things. Humanity would have already been extinct and I would not be writing. As I would be fleeing from every thunderstorm that comes around this coastal city of port Richey, Florida. Yes, you can laugh. I am a deeply flawed human being. I admit it.

The point is this. ***What you do? What you don't do?  What you think? and what you feel?*** Has a direct instantaneous impact upon everyone else on this planet and maybe even to a degree in the universe.
So, do you want peace? Then be at peace. Do you want love? Then love. Do you want harmony? Then be harmonious. Do you want life? Then cherish all life.
Then the illusive understanding of the purpose and meaning of life will come from within you. How about them apples? 

***(There are many more what you do's and what you don't do's. There is also what you refuse and what you ignore) *** If I were to list them all. I would lose my meager paying job and take away your ability to think for yourself.
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