Friday, March 6, 2015

Wet Leader: (Unedited): 17 Feb 2015:

The good leader who keeps his/her people safe from the falling rain. Gets the most wet. 
A good leader can easily been seen in what they do and by how their followers respond to them. It is never by their words. Is their love or fear in the response of the followers? Are the followers warm, dry and safe when the storms come? While the leader is cold, in danger and very wet. If you can see this essential truth. Then you will know. It is not the leader who is important but rather the followers. A leader who is humbled enough to automatically know this truth. Is the one which should be desired over the perfect choice or the best selection available. A person may be the best of the best. But, if they do not know this truth or becomes insulted by the conditions of their interview visit. Then that person may not be the actual leader for you.
This is how effective change happens. By searching for a leader/manager as opposed to only a manager. It seems anyone can be taught to manage. But caring and compassionate leaders are born. How to find them isn't very tricky at all. It may have more to do with your own HR department and the head hunters which are within that department. They seem to only know how to select persons available from an established pool. A pool in which the head hunters themselves may refuse to even wade into that pool and get themselves wet.
Any corporation looking for fundamental change. Especially when the morale of your work force is in a disastrous state. Needs new leadership. One leader who will clean house or better yet. You corporate officers clean house and then bring in one leader. Oh but, you say, the risk, the calamity of such a broad spectrum firing. Well if your workforce has become apathetic robots. Then your mangers do not matter. The people will still do as they do. Your managers are ineffective and a waste of payroll. So bank your cash and can them all. Except those whom the majority of your work force may take a liking to. Then those you may want to keep them on-on a temporary basis. If this works out for you. Then cut me a check and read the red below.
My ideas do tend to work. Such as my scented Duct tape idea. Yea, it's already on the market. How much did I receive. Nada, zip, zilch, Zero $$$. It's OK though. I used it as a teaching method.
Impractical testing of any perspective leader should be planned. You already know your selection via records and other such qualifying documents.
Test their heart. Test their compassion. Test their involvement. Will he/she get dirty? Does the person have a history of getting dirty? Will they pick up trash? When presented with a problem. Will they jump in? Will they get involved?
Create these non-standard tests and admit to none of it.
Because, If you base your decision solely on their presented record and how they promise to change the world. You may end up in a Kmart situation.
Phakers and phonies won't commit. They are essentially selfish cowards who only want for themselves.
For instance:
The damsel in easy fix distress. What does this test in a person. Especially, when helping will cost time.
The late driver and other menial delays. Especially if there is a potential cost to them all. May check for anger management issues.
The flirty person. Especially if the perspective person is married.
A presented safety issue. Details test.
An immediate production problem test.
and etc. Did they get involved? Did they actually lead? was there a solution? Was the correct psychological responses made? Was their celebration and happiness with a completed mission? Is there socialization with the lowly people? Not because you have to but because they want to. Because, people are just people no matter their social status and corporate responsibility. Think about this. You may trust a janitor more in your office then any other co-worker. Really. That is important to consider. In today's environment. You may not even know what that janitor used to do. They may have led men into battle. They may have suffered much and yet they remain when others whom you may know in your own high social class would have given up long ago. There is value in all kinds of people.
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