Saturday, March 7, 2015

First Spirit: (Unedited): 07 March 2015:

Yesterday, I felt the passing of my adopted Aunt DBW. She is about 347+ miles away.

My Aunt DBW suffered a long time with a muscular type of disease. She wrote books and  was always a gentle spirit of a genuine southern lady. Always wanting to do for others as she was able.
During the time of passing of my adopted father. There were many things in which I was highly sensitive to. Such as the Angels who were purposely trying to hide much of themselves from me in her home. They were there for her.  My Aunt DBW was also the first person whom I was able to actually see her spirit fully revealed. I also knew that it was her spirit which was keeping her alive and as active as possible. Her spirit emitted an internalized green color.

As of yesterday afternoon. She was freed of her sick body and is now alive more than ever. No rest in peace for this spirit and I am very certain her spirit is no longer a green color.
I would have very much liked to have spent more time with my adopted aunt and uncle. The wisdom I missed out on because of my own ego and arrogance. But, It seemed it was not to be. In my younger days I was raised to be bad and I was. I was very disrespectful and very selfish. I could have learned much about life from the both of them as they were the only ones who were welcoming.
The faults and failures that we all have made in our lives can be forgiven and lives within the family circle can begin again. You the reader do not have to be outside of the family. You can become re-acquainted and accepted with your family once again. Just go and apologize. Just change your life and free yourself from doing wrong ever again. Especially if the legal sins of the world is what has taken you away from your genetic family. How can you be happy when you are separated from the family whom loved you. Were all human and we all have our own faults and failures. We all have our own sins and sin history. No one was given a book on how to raise "you". The "you" means to raise only "you". Because raising you is not the same as raising any other child. You had your own oddities and natural gifts and those hidden gifts which needed to be discovered and trained up. Yes, I know to many "Ands". I sort of did that on purpose for my Aunt DBW.
Everyone missed out on something in their own lives and in their own childhoods. It is easy to play the blame game and accuse your own parents of being awful in the raising of you. Most parents do the best they could. That is what you should see in your own parents. This is the positive side of thinking and feeling as opposed to the negative side of thinking and feeling. One feels good and the other feels bad. How do you want to feel in your life about your life? You do have the freedom to feel happy or sad.
You who are physically alive and still spiritually asleep. Seek out what I call the living funeral. Go forth to your still living relatives and friends. Seek out forgiveness and offer forgiveness where appropriate.
By easing the minds and spirits of your loved ones or even former loved ones. You ease their woes in their last times of life. You at the same time ease your own guilt's for the remainder of your own days in this life. You also take away from your mind. Those typical statements at any wake where the loved one has already passed. You know, "I should have done more", "I should have been there", I should have said those important words", "I could have" or "I would have if I had known". If you go forth with a living funeral then you would have been in the loop when their passing had begun and you would have had that opportunity.
The living funeral also may hasten the passing of your loved one. Thus, easing their suffering when they know all of the words were said. All of the actions in life had been taken. Going to sleep for that last time is satisfactory. This makes for a beautiful passing when all of the loved ones are present expressing love instead of apathy or hatred or expectant gifts from the will.
Everyday before you depart from your loved ones on any journey. No more the distance or the time away. You should always have a living funeral. So are you thinking how awful that would be? The living funeral evolves into expressions of love, gratitude and expectancy for life to continue, to move forward. Can you see how this works. Then if something happens. There wont be any regrets. The absence of regrets will be peace of mind, peace of heart and peace of spirit.
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