Sunday, March 8, 2015

Identified Polarization: Within The World: (Unedited): 08 March 2015:

The process of identified polarization between the righteous and the worldly. Shall progress unto the slaughter of the righteous. 
One must define who the worldly are and who the righteous are. One also must define the difference between the religious and the righteous. Because, those who are merely religious are of the world. Most likely the wolves or goats in sheep's clothing.

Those who have become truly righteous may in fact be as defenseless as any sheep. This may be the sign of truth for those who are genuine sheep. Because, the goat can and will kill. The wolf cannot help itself by feeding off it's prey when hunger strikes. So, the genuine sheep cannot defend themselves.
There shall be much ridicule of the sheep for being so helpless and weak.
So, the merely religious of the world are the ones who go off to war. They are the ones who makes mischief within the world and are controlled by the rulers of the world. Out of created chaos comes the bringer of peace. The bringers of peace and the creators of chaos may in fact be the same organization or group of people.
Blame will be assigned to all of the truly righteous and they shall be hunted down and exterminated. For they are the weak and defenseless. Easy targets for and starving predators who thirsts for the blood who they intensely hate with unrestrained passion.
This is prophecy.
Within The World: (Unedited): 08 March 2015:
Those who freely maintain their harmony within the world are not of the world. 
Those who freely remain at peace within the world are not of the world.
Those who freely continue to love one another within the world are not of the world.
Those who freely cherish life within the world are not of the world.
Those who freely honor and freely follow the divine laws within the world are not of the world.
They may be the actual righteous within the world as defined by God.
To freely live in accordance to the laws of God by your own free choice. Without any fears, threats, enslavement, intimidation's are the true righteous ones of God.
It shall be so. That those who are committed to loving all of their brothers and sisters. Shall not raise a hand in self defense or in offense. That those who are committed to peace shall not commit to argument, fighting or war. That those who are committed to harmony shall not create any form of chaos. That those who cherish life shall not harm any life in any way. That those who honor the law. Shall not transgress the law in any way. These shall be absent of anger, hatred and violence. They shall not wink their eyes or stick out their tongues.

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