Sunday, March 8, 2015

Individually Themselves: (Unedited): 08 March 2015:

The righteous shall each individually purify themselves. Just as the worldly shall each individually separate themselves from anything which is holy and righteous.
 The righteous will automatically begin to purify themselves of all that is wrong, evil and sinful as defined by the laws of God.
The worldly as well as the worldly religious will also begin to individually separate themselves from anything which is holy and righteous. They will also separate themselves from anything that is wise or contains understanding. They will sense all that is important is knowledge and nothing more. The why, who or how will just not matter to the worldly or the worldly religion.
I see this as some kind of need to do. Like a butterfly that creates their own chrysalis. Something that they each know they must do in accordance to their own spiritual and mental decisions. 
These individual actions I believe is directly related to the Hopi Prophecies. Where humanity diverges. There may be the possibility of me not completely understanding this prophecy or it's interpretations may be inaccurate to a degree. The interpretations is humanity chooses one or the other. Not as two divergent groups of humanity. It is easy to see. If all of humanity choose the path of the wise. Then we all have abundant life. If all of humanity choose the selfish and worldly path. Then we all become extinct. I believe my explanation of this part of the Hopi prophecy is accurate?
This is Prophecy.
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