Sunday, March 8, 2015

Travel Away: (Unedited): 08 March 2015:

The further away the population travels away from righteousness and holiness. The greater and more severe lawlessness shall be openly committed. 
(Repeat) De-evolved Humans: (Unedited): Unknown date: By Memory. 
The degeneration of humanity will De-evolve human beings back down to a basic animal species. With Minimal ability to be civilized, educated/trained or socialized. 
There is a very deep problem. When the laws of man are founded in the laws of God. Especially, when every human being knows this. No matter their argument against it or the human laws created to separate the laws of God from the laws of man.
Everyone still knows this to be true. That is until the children of men become generations separated from this truth. Then it will be believed to be however the well educated person explains it in some future time. If humanity makes it that far.
While those who are very well educated see this as something to look forward to. They do not have the understanding nor the wisdom to predict the long term effect upon the population.
Such as who defines truth? When it is known that every politician lies and deceives as an every day occurrence.
Who defines honor. When those very same political leaders do not even honor their families or the office elected to?
When the population begins to have nothing to believe in or even have faith in. Then they will each do as accordingly as they see fit. In a court of law. Those who oppose you have to prove that you have done the deed and they have to prove whether or not you lie. Your friends will even save you with their own lies on your behalf. How will those who oppose you in court prove it? Law and justice begins to fail.
Then there are those who have wealth and fame. It is easily known by the slave waged common person that the wealthy and famous get away with crimes all of the time in a court of law. The common person sees it everyday in the news media.
When the common person begins to see that there is no justice and the law is against them. or that law enforcement only arrives after the crime and then claims since I(Officer) did not witness the crime. I (Officer) can do nothing. Because, they cannot afford a lawyer. Then it can be emotionally concluded that the common person must take the law into their own hands. Just to see any manor of justice.
What will happen.
Violent crimes will rise sharply. 
Law enforcement officials at every level will become harmed or killed.
The common person will automatically resort to violence as a natural response.
911 or what ever emergency response call may happen after the fact.
Gun violence will occur by any person at any age. Their will be so much weapons violence. That over time. More than guns and ammunition will be banned. Swords, Knives, Baseball bats, axes and etc. Even martial arts training and those who are deemed as trained and dangerous must register just as if they were a child rapist. Of course all of this won't happen all at once. Most likely after each new election cycle.
The reemergence of family feuds. Such as the Hatfields and McCoys. When a family is threatened or offended in some way. That family will remain quiet, go forth and murder the entire offending family. Simply because there is no more law even though there are vastly more law enforcement personnel.
Why obey or respect any law or representative of any law when the population is taught there is no god. If there is no god. then there is no right or wrong. Only each individual has the power to define what is right and what is wrong. Hence lawlessness created by governmental entrainment (Brainwashing).
This is prophecy. 
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