Sunday, March 8, 2015

Historical Destruction: Historical Record: (Unedited): 08 March 2015:

The gods of the worldly religious. Must go forth and destroy all that is historically significant to the truly righteous.
Historical Record: (Unedited): 08 March 2015:
When all of the historical record has been cleansed and sanitized of the supreme God of all. Then those who are the fallen will show themselves and become humanities new saviors and gods. 
All of the historical record shall be sanitized and cleansed from every human mind. Then and only then can those fallen angels reemerge as the gods they once were. This is Prophecy. As it was in the time of Noah so it shall be in the end of days. It seems all that is left for this prophecy is common knowledge of the angels amongst all of humanity. Shall they be called angels or aliens? or something else entirely. Their return will most likely be called something else. So as to further confuse the masses as well as the religious and righteous. 
The gods of this world are still amongst us all and still influence us all by any way they can. Before they can show their new faces to all of the world. They are about to re-enslave. They need to delete all historical reference to the GOD who wiped them out within this solar system. In a very short period of time as define by human standards.
To create a new history or a new past based in lies and deceptions. Which cannot be proven or dispelled by any person.
Any person, group, religion, politics who alters, diminishes or deletes the true history of humanity. Is of the rulers and gods of this world. Thus, the enemies of humanity. Even if you do not like your history. Any history cannot be altered in any way. There is always wisdom and understanding in how your/our ancestors lived. All history is important. This is why there are so many screw-ups in the Bible. It's the truth. I probably should have used a different phrase than "Screw-Ups". Right now for me it seems the most accurate.
This is Prophecy.
I use the term gods as those fallen angels who came to this solar system and did terrible things to humanity. It was the supreme being (God) who wiped them out in a very short period of time.
They came as gods- use of the little "g".
The Supreme Being God- Use of the big "G". who created the fallen angels and became the human gods.
Warning: The urban dictionary has expletives.
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