Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unrighteous Civilization: (Unedited) 10 March 2015:

The loss of any civilization. Comes soon after when the people lose their righteousness. 
Righteousness is actual right living based on the wisdom and understanding that you or your people have. This is logically coupled with knowledge. All three wsidon, knowledge and understanding are directly tied to one another in some yet unseen math formula. This unseen formula is also coupled together in some fashion to another formula. Love, Peace, Life, Law and Harmony.
The freedom to freely become unrighteous while being able to sin without guilt or remorse will always lead to a level of extinction. Of the person, the family, the city, the state and finally of the whole. Extinction does not have to be instantaneous.
You may think that your country and your family are still present while having become unrighteous. Give it time. First shall come the loss your your families name and then your genetic line just disappears. To be followed in time by everyone else. By then a state of apathy will emerge and no one will really care. As they do now. All that matters in life is "my" (Your) fun and my entertainment. A time when all the meaning and purpose that the people will want shall be their fun and entertainment.
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