Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Right To Live: Required To Live: (Unedited): 11 March 2015:

Earning the right to live is not the same as thinking you deserve to live or believing you are entitled to live.  
Earning the right to live requires something other than, violence and struggle or to Fight and survive.
Is all of humanity only a mammal? Is there nothing more to humanity than this one physical short life we all live? Are we no better than ants, Apes, Cows or fish? Or is there something more to humanity? Have we evolved from the apes as some kind of random mutation which just happened to go right by some fluke or accident? Or is all of the verbal stories from many different cultures which are  very similar very accurate? Or that humanity is a created species and that we are capable of evolution from the point of creation?
So is humanity entitled to live? does humanity deserve to live? or are we supposed to earn the right to live/exist?
Which is it? Does the ant deserve to live when the ants build their home to close to your personal property? The actions of the ants were simply an accident and we humans without any real thought go forth with chemical warfare.
In Numbers 22. God makes a donkey speak it's mind. Which means a donkey has a mind with thoughts and only has the inability to verbally speak. What of the other animals on this planet? If the animals have their own thoughts, memories and emotions. How can we justify in eating any of them? Do not animals have the right to live, especially if they think in their own way? Read that story for yourself. Who was the ass? Who obeyed God? Who was the good servant? Even an Angel of God was going to strike down a prophet of God. Serious disobedience. Who is deserving to live?
In the animal kingdom that we humans are supposed to be a part of as mammals ourselves. Yet, we humans do not do as the other animals do. Animals must be violent and they must struggle. Animals must fight and they must survive. This is a daily or an hourly occurrence for all animals. There is no real rest except after meals maybe and even then the animals cannot really relax and be at ease.
Where does that leave humanity? Because, most of us no longer live like animals. Has humanity become entitled to live because of our own self perceived greatness? What is your answer?
What happens if the big bad aliens or fallen angels return and the so called God who is really a superior alien to those bad aliens which enslaved us all, a long time ago. Doesn't return? What then? Are we to become like the ants. Succumbing to some alien chemical warfare beyond our own current ability to understand whats going on. Just like the ants. Or will the bad aliens come in their planet sized ships and mow us all down like some great and fantastic lawn mower which is again beyond our ability to understand.
Is humanity really entitled to live and to continue to exist within this galaxy after all that we have done to this planet and to ourselves? Will all of humanities collective sins become the evidence of some supreme being? To just destroy us all with a simple properly sized space rock. That's all it would take. Pretty easy for a supreme being/super alien and it wouldn't really cost very much. Since we already have an asteroid belt and the Oort cloud full of them. Just a simple nudge in perfect relation to a boat load of math formulas. In time we will all be doomed. The planet will have problems for a time but will not be destroyed. All ready for new forms of life to be seeded. Maybe, that new life will succeed where humanity has failed?
God has not exterminated us as of yet. That's obvious as I'm still typing. But what if God already pushed that rock during the first Catholic Crusade against Islam? Or in some other unwarranted war. Can we as humanity still earn the right to live? or will only the select be chosen to live while all of the rest of humanity become exterminated? The Bible is clear that two groups shall be saved to some interpreted degree. One is the 144,000 and the other group is the remnant. The defined word for remnant is something small. I guess God will exactly define who, what and how many are the chosen remnant and from where? So it can be said that the 144,000 and the remnant are going to earn the right to live. Are they entitled? were they deserving? How are they going to be different from the rest of humanity? Can we ascertain who the remnant shall be or the 144,000 and become just like them? But, what are their qualities? Is it physical, mental and/or spiritual? Or are the remnant to be chosen by simply how they lived their live by free choice?
This is what I think how they shall be selected. I am not God, Jesus or any of the angels. So my best guess is that no greater than any other human quality of guesses
The selected remnant  may be the ones who are already living in accordance to all of Gods laws by their own free choice. Without any threats, fears or intimidation's. The remnant has each become righteous in the eyes and judgement of God. The remnant each express inwardly as well as outwardly Love, Peace, Harmony and Life all under the laws of God. They are all willfully obedient to the urgings of their Heavenly Father. All by their own free choice. Because, deep down they understand the truth and the wisdom of God as right and true. From this holy knowledge. They have decided to live righteously. No argument and no debate. No sneaking around God. No trying to journey where you think God isn't. No negotiating or dealing with the instructions of God.
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