Saturday, March 14, 2015

Womens Lament: Who Do Not: (Unedited): 14 March 2015:

Soon the women of the world shall lament the loss of fathers, husbands and sons. A deep loss for those who shall become forever lost in the ways of the world. The sin and unrighteousness of your worldly ways shall soon bare it's fruit. The whole of the Earth shall become a burnt offering to the Lord from the fallen ones who were cast down. Humanity is the meat and blood of the Cain's fruit.
Study. Cain.
This is Prophecy.
It is not too late to turn away from unrighteous living and sin. This includes even those religious persons who only profess their faith by tongue. 
The word "Soon" can mean there is still some time left or not. It is a relative term. Maybe less than 6 months. Sometime in 2015 or until the end of this Jewish year 5775. All time is only of Gods choosing and not of any human, Angel or fallen ones.
 Who do not: (Unedited): 14 March 2015;
Those who do not listen, will be deaf to the warnings.
Those who do not see, will be blind to the signs.
Those who do not keep oil in their hearts, will become darkened and cold beings.  
Those who do not remain awake in spirit, will be asleep when the calling comes.

The oil for your lamps heart comes from the eternal source. 
This is prophecy.
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