Friday, April 17, 2015

Profound Unknown: (Unedited): 14 April 2015:

The unknown thought, The unknown purpose, The unknown doing. Can create the restless soul. 
Just quieten your mind, Still your body and ease your soul. Wait patiently, this profound unknown thing shall make itself known to you, in it's own time.
 You just know it is there, somewhere. That thing in which you know you must do. But, it is as elusive as fishing for that prized trophy fish.  You can feel it's presence but cannot see it through the fog of your own minds foggy thinking processes. So, what is it that you must do? What direction should you go in? How do you prepare? How do you learn? How do you know what is the right thing to do?
It is not that simple. For if it were you would not be so confounded.
First is first. If you know your are supposed to do do a thing but do not know what that thing is. Then you must prepare for that thing? But, you ask how do I prepare for an absolute unknown? For an unknown thing outside of you, may be impossible for you to predict or even plan for. But that unknown thing is within you and that is very predictable and something which can be planned. Still not following me?
Let me put it this way. Faith, Its about your faith in yourself and all of this faith does not necessarily mean it's all going to be about you.
Just because things in your life are unknown does not mean you do nothing. No ship will ever be yours if you wait for it. The ship is an unknown thing. You have to go and get it. Well, what do you do when you get this unknown ship? Can you captain it? Do you even know anything about ships?
For you young ones. Do not stress your self over not knowing what to do in your life. Just seek out this best education you have an opportunity for and continue it. Until such a time when you have realized. This is it. 
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