Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gratitude Sign: (Unedited): 09 June 2015:

The loss of felt and expressed gratitude amongst the young generation. Is a definite sign that your civilized society shall end within your generation. 
Gratitude it's one of those polite heart felt things that people express from their heart. In the young generation as their numbers of percentage increase. There shall be that tipping point when the heart yields to the urgings of the apathetic mind. Thus a heart becomes heartless. Then as one apathetic heartless person bares children with another apathetic heartless person. Their offspring shall become more so than they have chosen to become. Thus, the offspring have genetically become dehumanized and DE-evolved into a more base animalistic mammal.
The evidence shall be easy to see. Do a thing which benefits a young person. Smile. Then watch from a distance without actually paying attention. Usually a good young person. will smile and express gratitude in return. But, not so from a young person who has no heart. They will say nothing and may not even accept a deed for their benefit. Much like an animal in their response.
Why is that? Well in a reverse society anything which is genuinely good is actually known to be a weakness. Anything which is genuinely bad is actually known to be powerful and strong. To feed all of your physically based desires is purely animalistic. Anything that you do to be successfully capable of feeding all of your physically based desires is absolutely right for you. No matter what the religious values, social etiquette and laws of society are. what any animal does for itself is absolutely right for itself. That is why they are animals.
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