Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Human Achievements: (Unedited): 10 June 2015:

Righteousness and holiness should become the personal achievements of every human being. All without arrogance, pride and ego.
We all should learn to reject all of those things in which we have learned from those fallen angels which came to this planet and solar system and enslaved us all.  From our beginning knowledge of astronomy to the use of makeup as well as their evolution into our modern world. While astronomy is important to us looking out into the world. The names of planets and constellations should be altered/changed. No longer should we use those names or identifications which force us to remember those who have fallen from the grace and acceptance of God. Just by continuing to use identification of those things learned from the fallen ones. It continues to separate our minds from our spirits and our spirits from God. By rejecting those things contaminated by those fallen ones. We can then become reacquainted with God. Is my recommendation the essential step for all of humanity to know the God of our creation again? No, but it is a very good step in the process. Those steps which are of supreme importance are in purple.
The stand alone importance of the fragments of the book of Enoch should be considered nearly second in importance to The Holy Bible .
This is all we each should all want to do in this life. To achieve a life worth living for us all. Us all means all Human Beings. No matter where they may reside.

To love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in harmony.
 To cherish life.
 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us to be.
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