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Curses, Curses, Curses: (Unedited): 07 July 2015:

 Sins Gifts: (Unedited): 07 July 2015:
Do not bring into the Holy Places. Your worldly works and rewards from the actions of your sins.
All of the rewards you receive from your sins are all curses upon you. Even if you have already spent those sinful monies made. They continue to remain curses upon you. Even those question items in which you currently own or even had owned. They are all curses upon you. Every single sin you have ever done are all curses upon you. It matters not if you don't even believe in sin. When you make a family or just start having babies. All of your curses and the curses of that other person who helped make the baby. That baby will inherit both of your curses.  
Soiled Curses: (Unedited): 07 July 2015:
Acquiring questionable goods, works and rewards. then giving of those things to the holy places. Is bringing your soiled curses and pretending them to be righteous gifts.
Churches do need to helpers and good workers who just come in and are unquestionably dependable and reliable. When you do not question or even expect righteousness from anyone. Then their so called good works are in truth curses upon your church. For instance a man who is well loved and respected within your church. Brings equipment to do maintenance, beautifying or even repairs. The beloved man does not own the equipment but is still using them. This beloved man may not have even been given permission. He just took them and is using them while he is being paid to do work for his employer. None of this is right and no one even questions him. Yet the very poor church is in better condition than it has ever been in. This beloved man of the church is actually cursing his church and just is not even aware of it. Causing wear and tear upon any machine without permission is theft. Your employers believes you are working for him, but you sneak off and do other work elsewhere. How many curses are coming upon this church? What about your church? This is questionable works.
Gift Curse: (Unedited): 07 July 2015:
Curses which you bring as gifts into the holy places are still curses, your curses. 
I think this is one aspect as to why many churches have become fallen churches. They no longer require the people who come to church to be righteous, holy or even good people. Just so as long as they bring in their tithes. These churches do not even question the source of the money coming in. Whether it be from deceptive practices from disrespected persons or even from the criminal element pretending to be good. Everyone knows that the catholic church doesn't care how they get their money or even from whom. Blood money no matter how it is obtained shall always bring with it curses.  Just because you give your very questionable gift to a holy place. Does not mean you are resolved of that curse. It shall be better for you to just burn anything in your possession which is from any questionable source. That is unless, You already know it is sourced from any sin. It is better for you to walk away from all of your wealth which is sourced from any sin then it is to continue to profit from it. Burn it all.
Psychics and priests:
You go to that psychic person who proclaims that you are cursed and have many curse upon you. The psychic claims to be able to remove all of these curses for progressive fees. What would any person who has just become so desperate in life because of all of their trials and tribulations. They would say yes and write a check. The first of many and as the curses are all removed one pay day check after another. Then as the curse become fewer and fewer they also become more and more worse. Thus, those very serious of life curses do require a bigger check.
I'm reminded of stories I've heard from many catholic Latinos. Who have had to pay large sums of money for the priest to get a loved one who has passed away out of Purgatory and into heaven. Sometimes the priest would say to the family that their loved ones sins were many and that they would need to continue to pay for a long time. Just so that their loved one would be free of Purgatory and rise into Heaven. I see this as the same con job, a deception, a lie. Only to gain more and more money from people who are desperate and heart broken.
Psychologically both the priests and the psychics may indeed help their clients. The clients may even feel better and feel renewed in their lives. The clients may even show a profound change in their being. But, Those psychics and priests who do these things, curse themselves.
Because, It is not within the power of any man to remove curses. All any man can do is point the way to that source which can remove curses and that doesn't even require a check or any other sort of payment. That payment has already been made by the sacrifice of the prophesied Innocent lamb.
Once you have made those necessary decisions. Go forth and sin no more. Go forth, cleanse and purify yourself from all of those things you had obtained from illegal sources, sinful sources and even questionable sources. If you do not know for certain if a thing was righteously obtained. Then destroy it. Do not sell it. Do not donate it. Destroy them all. Then think about blessings and how you can bless yourself by not blessing yourself. In which you cannot bless yourself. Others can bless you and God can bless you. That is how you do it. Did I forget the change of heart or the softened heart? Well, there it is. Go and love one another and witness what happens within your small little world.
Then never ever acquire anything which is from sin or condones sin or agrees that certain sins are legal rights. This include employment. So where will anyone work now?  The legalized sins are  curses which affects the entire nation and everyone associated with it. What this means is that the curse of legalized sin not only affects every citizen but also everyone else who is associated with the country of sin by any means. (Militarily, Business, Support, Agreements). If God severely disciplines the Nation of legalized sin. Then all who are associated will suffer to their degree. 
Added on 09 July 2015: 
Other curses in life in which you do to your own self. May not be a sin as defined by God. But, they are sins of the self.
1). Your failing to educate yourself and failing to continually better yourself as a human being.
2). Your failing to nurture and grow those gifts which you were born with.
3). Your failing to always do your highest quality no matter the project, job or mission.
4). Your failing to do the highest quantity of work. That you are capable of doing.
5).  Your failing to learn, to use and to understand the wisdom of those spiritual gifts in which you
       were gifted by God to you or even to your family lineage.

1) Some of these things may seem like the requirements of a master who owns slaves. Except for that first one. Which is key to not ever becoming a slave. The more education you have and the more math you learn which entrain's your brain for logical critical thinking. These two elements, education and a strong understanding of mathematical concepts. Will make it impossible for you to ever be a slave to any stronger enemy. Except where the lies and deceptions of political thought is seems to rule out. All political thought established is about how the few special people can prosper while controlling the little(common) people majority.
This leads to how you can better yourself as a human being? That is only for you to answer as I myself am a deeply flawed human being. Who seems to be able to better themselves in every category.
2). Your failing to nurture and grow those gifts you were born with. Those intellectual, athletic, artistic, musical, mechanical and empathy. There are more and those are for you to seek out and to discover for yourself. It does not matter how unaccepted they are to the world. For me one of those gifts is writing. If you can call it that. I know I hack every writing style law to shreds. I guess that makes me a writing criminal.
This is not to be assigned your failure when your parents were neglectful in the raising of you or your family was very poor and were not able to afford you to discover, learn or even grown your gifts. But, once you have a realization of what your gifts are. It is now your responsibility to do as you should in regards to all of those gifts. So as long as it does not interfere with the raising of your own children and family. You do now have the wisdom in teaching your own children the value of their gifts and encourage them in the development.
I should have played baseball and been a runner. But, I never had the fair opportunity. In life fair is not something that life is until you have that deep inner courage and reach out to grab that all powerful bull by the horns and exercise your very real power over it. I now have an athletic son. in which I can pass along my unfulfilled wisdom.
I should have learned music, taught to sing and the use of musical equipment. But, because my childhood was what it was. I can now enable a gifted daughter to learn classical music.
These things that I missed out on in my youth were not my fault and if your childhood was even remotely similar. They are not your fault.
I should have gone to college and received scientific and/or engineering degrees. To the point that the government says go live here in this secluded place with all of these cool toys we shall provide you. But, I was tested with an IQ of about 70? in the first grade. Thus ending any fair opportunity for any sort of real education. Is that my fault? of course not. A life changing unfortunate and very wrong decision. In which took me many years to unlearn once I discovered I did not have an IQ of 70?. A false belief of a self truth which had to be unlearned. That happened many years after High school. Now you know the why in how I write or is that hack words.
No matter how hard life has been or how awful your family were to you. You eventually gotta step up and grab that bull by the horns and don't let go. But, does this information find you before or after you have fallen in love with the one? have you already made children? Your newly self aware and self importance must take a back seat to the proper raising of your children. Then when they are grown and beyond their college years. then maybe it shall be your time. Or not, as the grand babies shall need your presence. Who better to care for and teach the grand babies? You or day care? Hopefully you said you as in day care they will not learn any wisdom or understanding. They will not learn the rich family stories, history and lessons in life that only you can provide. The more the grand babies learn from you. The greater the potential that they will supersede the previous generations. After, that is a silent hope of any good parent or grand parent? Yes?
3). The quality of what ever work you do. Should always be at your very best. Continually.
4). The quantity of the work you do. Should always be at your physical and metal maximum. 
5). The spiritual gifts in which was given to you by Go or even given to you through your families genetics. These things can and will either be a blessing for you or a curse. The differences of the two is often the rejection from the parent to their unknowing child. A parent cannot just forget about those genetic spiritual gifts and hope that they are not passed to their children. I see this has happened in many situations or in my case. The adopted parents were just completely unaware.
In your situation where spiritual gifts have manifested in some form. Did you go and seek help and then become diagnosed and medicated. This is the curse side of those genetic spiritual gifts. The rejection of spiritual gifts. Well are you bipolar or have you the uncontrolled gift of discernment? Really.
The unbeliever in such things as ridiculous as spirit anything and crazy psychic stuff. Never the less if your family has a genetic history of those weird crazy people who seemed to know and do things which is not done by any regular human being. Well, Just because you do not believe does not mean they are not very real within you. It won't matter how much you smoke, drink or drug yourself. They will continue to remain real within your own genetics. Until, while in a medicated, drugged or alcoholic state or all of it. You create a child with the new genetic damages of the alcohol, drugs and medications. Thus, you will see the result of your disbelief through the life of your child. Will your child be a curse or a blessing upon you? But, of course you don't believe in curses or blessings.
Then there are those who are newly spiritually gifted by God. They are the believers who are on the cusps of becoming righteous and holy in the eyes of God. From their inward and outward rejection of all sin. Have they become something better then they once were. They have and are evolving at the leading and direction of God.
Then there are those other gods. They to have their own gifts which they also give to their own followers. In which the absolute good qualities are absent such as Love, Peace, Harmony and Life. They tend to focus on the pride, ego and selfish desires of the follower. There is usually no intentional benefit for anyone else. When everything is internalized for reasons that are absent love, absent peace and absent harmony. Then there is no where for this "thing" to go except to continue to go in on itself. Thus, becoming an all consuming black hole in which the very life of you will be sucked out.
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