Friday, July 31, 2015

Land Based Laser Platform Vision: (Unedited): 31 July 2015:

Here I stand drying laundry in a laundry mat. Then I could see from within a satellite. It's cameras looking for a land based target along the horizon. Then a steady stream of bright flashes. The energy beam weapon seem to pulsate as it coursed through the dense atmosphere. I could almost see a thin stream of cloud like strings along the line of the energy beam. Which I could not see or feel but just knew.
I seemed to grab a hold of the beam and traveled down it's length to it's place of origin. There was a primary laser along power loading devices, cooling systems, control center. Ghost like images of a second and third laser seem to shimmer in and out of reality. One solid power generation unit as well as shimmering overlays of different power sources. A very solid building structure.
Then I was back in orbit for only a moment and could see every land based laser weapons systems. There were hundreds of them. In the USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, East Coast of Asia and Island dots.
The redundant power delivery systems. Not seen, but known.
The cooling system seems to be directly tied to the laser itself.
The control center was way cool. Radar maps of everything everywhere displayed at once in real time. Including zipping red U's in real time.
The shimmering aspects of these land based systems I seem to know as decisions which had not been made yet. But, the decision to build has already been made.
I could see in the planning a central nuclear plant along with one, two or three primary laser weapons. Some even had medium range missiles as well as short range guns or missiles. An effective layering of air defense. Some see it as over kill and may be a remote possibility but not a probability.
This is why I think the overlay shimmering is as it is. My assumptions are usually in error. 
Quick vision. 
Snipers could attack laser systems with their bullets of a mile or greater. They know all they need to do is damage the lens.
31 July 2015 @ 1341 HRS.
 A new one right now. I thought it was over.
An offensive missile was fired and as it was being tracked. Several new high speed targets were on intercept. The lasers acquired threats and eliminated them. Thus, guaranteeing the offensive missile a success. Within line of sight.
The time in military weapons technology has come when shooting a bullet with a bullet can be time consuming. Especially when using a slow bullet versus a hyper fast bullet. Especially when the new hyper fast missiles have up-links/down-links and avoidance capabilities. The need for new defensive capabilities is now at the forefront. The cost effectiveness of and the continual maintenance of laser technologies is very low. Where as maintaining the rocket fuels and conditions of weapons grade materials can be very expensive. The success with the low power naval ship lasers can and should be up-scaled.
31 July 2015 @ 1553:
Cone of spherical defense/offense for satellite assets. A singular cone for a singular laser.
By placing heavily powered laser platforms in Alaska. You can control polar satellite access and egress. The laser systems can defend against any incoming threats to satellite assets. Where as no missile can even get to target in time as all you can do is just watch the destructive silence.
By then placing laser platforms in Washington, Oregon and California. The entire west coast is protected from any threats westward. Not to forget Hawaii, Japan, South Korea, Australia.
By creating a modular design into the infrastructure. You can expand the number of laser platforms as threats multiply.
By integrating similar Nuclear technologies as in Naval warships. The growing modular system can be easily built.
31 July 2015 @ 1611:
Similar technologies used in large telescopes to clear up star observations through our dense atmosphere can be used like wise in Laser Weapons Applications.
31 July 2015 @ 1830?Hrs.
The cone of spherical defense could hand off protective duties from one zone of responsibility to another.  Thus this hand off can protect any aerial asset or even orbital asset as it travels around the planet.
For instance if a ballistic missile was launched from California into China. More than a few assets could be in the line of travel of that ballistic missile offering cones of protection for a specific amount of time and distance. With continuous tracking. Any object which was in the line of travel can then be targeted to neutralize the potential threat to the ballistic missile.
Also the buildings can all be built under false pretenses. That is until the power generators are installed, Cooling systems and power storage devices.
By building hundreds of these expandable modular buildings. The system could be online on every base or post in the world.  Could this be a forth tier of ballistic missile defense?
31 July 2015: @2148 Hrs.
A tri-Laser weapon. 3 different lasers within a single tube. Combined together to defeat a variety of adversities. With the ability to use a single laser, two laser shot or all three lasers at once. Each kind of laser has their own inherent strengths and weaknesses. The three lasers combined becomes a compliment.
26 May 2016: Just had a brief vision of a new system. Where the technology lacks or lags the power capability needed to be effective. A collective Laser weapon. Where as many Laser tubes are joined together. With one in the center. A hexagon shaped laser system?
24 June 2016:
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