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Christian by Mouth prophecy: (Unedited): 02 Aug 2015:

The end of 40 days (04 Aug 2015) is approaching and there has been no Jonah for the American people. Is this evidence of enough is enough or is it still to early in the prophecies? God has been rejected. Ten Commandments Removed. Abortion legalized. Gays rights established. Apathy is rampant. Not even the whole of the Christian community is willing to fight for what is right and true in the Word of God. Can you imagine that no one is willing to stand up for the Word. Kenya is standing up against sin. Mexico is standing up against sin. Not in the USA.
Celebrating those who come out of the shadows of their own closets proclaiming their free right to sin as they publicly will it. Murders us all. You may not see the harm in another person's sin. This is what is does. It does harm you. When the blessings of God are gone and all that remains are those curses upon ourselves. Will you be one of those who curses God for allowing us to become angered at our own experience of self cursing? Or will you be one of those who prays to God to ease the coming sufferings? While still accepting all manor of sin as a free right.
You cannot have it all. 
Free, legal and public sin.
The protections and blessings from God.
One or the other.
In this there is no spoken answer. How you live your life which is either in agreement with Gods standards or not. There is no in between and no none answers. You either do in it's entirety or you don't do in it's entirety. 
This is prophecy where the people begin to curse God for bringing calamity upon us all. When in truth it was us who shall bring the coming calamities. We are at fault and not God.
Because, The entire Christian community has allowed these actions to continue. They shall be the ones who suffers the most. Because, they are only Christian by mouth and not in mind, not in heart, not in spirit and not in life. Thus, Beginning after 04 Aug 2015 and through the next ?30? or so years.  It will be evident that the Christians have lost their good ole USA and the entire planet. Of course it all will not happen on 04 Aug 2015. This is just a beginning date. In order to turn the events around and to regain the USA. The entire Christian community must as a singular unit of people must actively reject all public displays of sin. Every where their is a parade of sin. The entire Christian community must actively be present and engaged in the repelling of all sin. This includes physical establishments of every kind. The Christian community as a whole must not do business with any business of sin and must not allow it to exist. No matter what the local, state and federal laws state. 
But, of course, this shall not happen as prophecy says it won't. But, prophetic events can be altered. By living righteously and holy in the eyes of God. The entire Christina community shall become the enemies within their own country. Which shall be controlled by a great evil influence. Which is already controlled by the evil influence.
Because, in the end of the prophecies. 5+ Billion people will die in a short period of time and then extinction on this planet shall follow in a purifying manor. Those who have built those great defensive cities underground. Shall also perish. The only safe places is far away off planet or by becoming one of the very small remnant of God. Those who may even find refuge within the ancient archeology of this solar system. Shall still find their final resting places.
Years of suffering. You must use Jewish years. For instance.  A few months prior to the years may have a direct relationship. Such as the savings and loan scandal of 1993 which was preceded by Yasser Arafat event on 13 Sept 1993. Also in 1993, The Waco,TX. event which may have been the slaughter or sacrifice of innocents.

1994(5754), 2001(5761), 2008(5768), 2015(5775), 2022(5782), 2029(5789), 2036(5796).
Preppers and Survivalists

You Doomsday Preppers and survivalist. Need to continue to plan and evolve your plans. Grow your skill sets within your personal toolbox. Reach out and create your own real inter web of personal relationships. You will not be able to go it alone. The government will isolate you, surround you, declare you a crazy criminal on all media outlets for instant guilt. Thus, when they do rush in and kill you all. They will be justified with no cries for an investigation by the general public.
It will be necessary to establish your own internal micro-economies and economy exchanges. With those other related groups and of Religious beliefs. Then do no business and have no relationship with any sinner or with those who are even in agreement with a sinners rights/freedoms. These economies will need to establish themselves as private clubs. Such as Sam's and Costco. There is already much legal president for these kinds of businesses.
Your Number one prep that you can do is still preparing the condition of your body, mind, heart and soul. You must freely choose without threat's, fear's or intimidation's, to live your outward and inward lives with righteousness and holiness as accepted and seen by God. There is a difference between being religious and righteous. Yes, The time will come when you will have to leave your church and church friends. For if they or anyone comes to accept sin as a right or freedom. Then you must flee from them ALL. Even entire religions. If it comes to that.
If God wants any of you to endure unto the end and the rapture becomes a false teaching. Then may you all endure unto your end with a godly mind, godly heart and a godly spirit as seen and accepted by only God. If the rapture is true and it will only be known to you personally. Then may you all be willing to be taken without fight, argument or negotiation. Either way eternal life shall be yours.
As with anything. Your mindset is your greatest asset coupled with your training. Shall see you through to the end. So train, train and train. Join together with individual training regimes. Which grows into multifamily, multi group. Leaderships shall not be automatically given to the one who financially gave the most in monies and property. Because, in those dire times. ownership goes to the whole and not individual. All wealth is shared equally. With no top down approach. In those extreme times of drastic survival. There shall be no historical rights of ownership or any legal protections which has protected you.
yet, we have another prophesied and predicted event for Sept 2015. Take them all with a grain of salt but use these events as training for when any event which may actually occur. Whether it be natural, unexplained or man made.
All individual survival training routines shall seamlessly merge into a larger group and that larger groups training routine shall seamlessly merge into those much larger groups.
A reminder. Those individuals, families and groups which rejects all sin from the Word of God may survive and endure unto the end. However that may be defined by God. So if adultery thrives within the group. The whole group shall be overtaken and perish. You would be better off. To send the two adulterers out into the wilderness then to experience the wrath of God upon the whole group. Read about Balaam and Balak. Numbers 22-26. Do not become like those who curse themselves, their families or their nations. This includes you.
It shall be better for you to cast out your sinful sons and daughters then it is for the whole of the family to be destroyed and to be made extinct. For in those days when the prophecies are openly revealed to everyone and yet they continue to sin. They have made their decision and have chose physical and spiritual death. In those days they will no longer be able to freely change their own minds. God has taken that away from them. Even though they know the outcome to come. They know they cannot change and this is not a will not change.While the angrily disobedient is willful in their decision to remain disobedient. Those ones who cannot change their ways have already been judged and must play their parts accordingly to Gods will.
Added on 02 July 2015: 1834 Hrs.:
All of you doomsday preppers. Who are already self sufficient and self prospering. It is time for all of you who are righteous in your living to come together as a singular self supporting unit. Your numbers shall grow and become as large as a small town. Being a newly created small town. You must continue to reject all sinners from entry into your small town. To go and come together. Lift up your roots and find like heart spirits who are righteous in living, in spirit, in mind, in heart, in body. Those who are like you will come but so to those evil ones who know the difference between the true light and the fake lights of the fallen angels who still want to be gods all to themselves. All must be tested as one tests the spirits and angels. Even the good and righteous angels must be tested with respect. Because, You still must be accepting of the chosen ones of God. No matter their skin tone or national origin. So, if you want to remain or become righteous. You must sever your ties to any racially motivated or isolated group who pretends to be religious. That won't be enough. Because, if you choose to become righteous because of any fear's, threat's or intimidation's. That may just be enough for God to not know you. Even though you are a gifted theologian, preacher or Holy Bible teacher.
But still prepare to permanently keep your bug out bags at the ready. In that time just as the Jews of old had to flee. So to all of you. If you decide to keep the faith. The time shall come when all must take the mark and those who do not shall thirst, starve and be without new clothing. They who do not take the mark shall have no ownership rights whatsoever. Whatever that mark shall end up being.
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