Friday, July 31, 2015

Prosperity Chosen: Refuse Business: World Cursed: (Unedited): 30 July 2015:

Only the god(s) of the world and his(their) recognized spokesperson's can teach prosperity to those people who have freely chosen to believe in the world ways of life.
The blessings of worldly prosperity by simply only becoming positive minded and all accepting in the physical world. Is an essential clue as to who is the god(s) of the person before you who is pretending to be a preacher or pastor of the God of all things. The god of this world is the one who owns all of the worldly wealth. As a matter of fact the god of this world owns it all and it was not argued by the one who came as a lamb to the human led slaughter of his body.
Any assigned or professed leader within any religion which teaches and encourages sin even for perceived righteous events/causes. Their god is of this world and not the God of all. So when a teacher, preacher or leader tells the faithful in the religion of love to hate. It is wrong
When you are in the religion of peace and you are told to make war. It is wrong.
When you are in the religion of harmony and are told to become chaotic. It is wrong.
When you are told to accept sin of any kind because it is now the law of the land. It is wrong.
Refuse Business: (Unedited): 30 July 2015: 
Blessed are those who refuse to conduct business with any sinful entities.
World Cursed: (Unedited): 30 July 2015: 
Those who refuse to conduct business with sinful entities shall be cursed by the whole world. 
Ye who is disobedient of the laws of the world shall be cursed by it. Ye who are obedient of the laws of God shall be blessed by Him. Destruction of everything comes when the spiritual laws of God are in complete conflict with the laws of men and the god of the world.
Become resolute in your righteous and holy decision to living a good life as God has commanded. Also, be resolute and at ease in knowing that the god of the world shall destroy you. Except the god of this world cannot touch your pure spirit. Go forth without threat and without fight even to your own slaughter just as Jesus had done. Let your last thoughts and breath be one of God of all. 
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