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Many Spiritual Signs: (Unedited): 20 July 2015:

In these end of days. Both the demonic and the righteous shall each have their own spiritual signs.
Just because a sign is seen as a spiritual sign does not automatically mean it is a sign from God. But, then again which god is the sign from?
There has been recently some spiritual signs of Eagles, Crows, Seagulls and white doves.
The spiritual meaning of each animal is defined by these places. Ask yourself a simple question. Are these spiritual signs and their understandings, from God or from those many other pretender gods? Yes, many of these pretender gods are an order of magnitude or more more evolved than us lowly  human beings and they can easily make us do their will without any real effort on their part. But, there is that something which prevents them from actively doing so. They only influence and deceive.
White Doves
Neither Signs: (Unedited): 20 July 2015:
Those who neither support the demonic or the righteous shall be oblivious to those spiritual signs of the times.
Those who neither support or believe in the demonic or righteous shall stampede like cattle to the slaughter. They know not and shall continue to disbelieve even when physically presented with the truth before them. 
Devout Evidence: (Unedited): 20 JUly 2015:
The evidence of the devout shall always be in their willful works. 
The devout shall always be those who are willful in their works for that which they believe in. Even if it is a lie. Even if the man they follow is already/ to become, a great deceiver of many. The greatest of the false prophets of today may in fact be the ones who teach positive prosperity which always feels good. All without any expectation to abide by the commands of God and may in fact be accepting of every manor of sin. This is abomination of desolation.
Devoutly Different: (Unedited): 20 July 2015: 
The devoutly demonic shall always correct their weaknesses, build-up their strengths and gather profit for themselves. 
While the devoutly righteous humbles themselves in their flaws, failings and weakness of their own flesh as they exercise outwardly in love, compassion and mercy. All for the benefit of others. Without benefit, accolade or reward. 
The demonic follower who is devout in their beliefs does so in order to selfishly gain and to get the physical rewards which comes to them by any means and without question on who was harmed.  While the righteously devout within the divine. Seems to forget the self while raising up everyone else from their deepest sourced gift of love. For their rewards is not of the physical plane but in the spiritual. 
Forced Willful: (Unedited): 20 July 2015: 
The difference in willful works and forced works. Shall be easily seen in those persons who are spiritually seeing or blind, Spiritually hearing or deaf, spiritually discerning or unawares. 
Willful works are done by those who do just because the need is present. Forced works can appear like those who do willful works. Except there will often be chaos and conflict in their personal lives. To the degree that children are neglected. The person who does forced works may also be spiritually deaf and blind to the things going on around them. Some may even become jealous of the absence of miracles in their own lives. While the willful worker may suffer greatly as Paul had in the Bible when he was called. They tend to see their infirmities as those things which teach them to be humble as they celebrate and witness the ongoing miracles around them. 
Religious False Prophets: (Unedited): 20 July 2015: 
Those who are merely religious and have learned much prophecy. Who deeply desires to know more. All without the righteous commitment. They will study and research to ascertain the mysteries of possible probabilities. Thus, they shall only know from their own reasonable assumptions. Becoming self righteous false prophets and leading many of the devout astray. 
Discernment Mimicked: (Unedited): 20 July 2015: 
The spiritual gift of discernment can be mimicked by reasonable assumptions of flawed human beings.
Spiritual Discernment is a very broadly defined phrase.
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