Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Paradise Lost: (Unedited): 21 July 2015:

Your paradise shall be lost 
When you lose love and begin to hate. 
When you disregard peace and and take in conflict/war.
When you forget the importance of harmony in favor 
of those things which are chaotic to nature.
Everyone knows the lessons "To Love one another" and yet they continue to commit sin/crime against their own brother's and sister's.
Everyone seems to want peace and yet they thirst for war. Even in the games they play.
Everyone seems to have forgotten the the importance of harmony in any aspect of their lives. Chaos seems to abound in everything which surrounds each of our own individual worlds.
Paradise has been lost to the Human beings upon this planet and there is still time to regain paradise lost. Although it will require altering all aspects of living life we are living today on this planet.
For instance relearning the truths of who our brothers and sisters are? Or relearning who our relations are? Even if their appearance is just a little different than yours. Genetically speaking more than 99.9% of all of your DNA is identical to mine or that other person whom you may hate on the other side of the city or world. This is a fundamental truth proven in DNA since before 1984. The factual conclusions cannot be argued. This is also an absolute truth with the completion of the Human Genome project. The separation and division of the various races of humanity is a lie.
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