Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Demonic Miracles: (Unedited): 21 July 2015:

The coming deceiving demonic miracles, signs and wonders shall be those which causes our own natural senses to lie to our own minds. 
How can we protect ourselves from these things to come which can so easily deceive our natural senses to lie to our own brains? On the reasonable and intellectual level it is impossible. After all, These demons, Fallen angels or space aliens were a part of the reprogramming of humanities language centers during the time of the building of the tower of babel.
On the emotional level it to may be impossible as the emotional state is directly tied to our intellectual state of being. The key is within that mysterious spiritual connection to the divine. By keeping our focus upon the divine. We may able to see the true nature of the coming demonic signs and wonders. These lying signs and wonders can only be seen for what they are through your spirit connectedness with the divine. Through righteousness and holiness as accepted and seen by God. These false miracles may not have an affect on those who are righteous and holy.
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