Monday, July 20, 2015

Human Enslavement: Magical Gifts: (Unedited): 20 JUly 2015:

The final conclusion of total global enslavement is if you are only of use or a user. For humanity. We can only be of use to those who come. As it was in those days of old so shall it be in these coming of days. 
Like any easily defeated foe. The defeated ones have retained all of their anger and hatred. Yet, they know the only ones in which they can just as easily defeat are the lowly human beings. Who are on the order of magnitudes less evolved than they are. Yet, the human beings who are just a created species have saddened the God of all things. Yet, again God will destroy all life on this planet with a coming fire. A purification which shall lead to a thousand year peace. And then....
The individual power of humanity is greatly less than that of those fallen angels. So our natural and intellectual ability to even defend ourselves against any one of them is without any hope. But collectively and with a singular mind set all of humanity can conquer any outside foe or even the most difficult of insurmountable of all obstacles.
We each are like a single falling rain drop of water. The effects of any one of us is barely noticed. But, when our collective human mind set is of a singular focus we can become a tsunami of action in which our collective choices can either be destructive or constructive.
The collective destructive mindset of a singular focus will involve a common mindset which originates in Hate, War, Chaos and Death.
The collective constructive mindset of a singular focus will involve a common mindset which originates in Love, Peace, Harmony and Life.
The mixing of any of the two  groups shall end in final destruction.
Magical Gifts: (Unedited): 20 July 2015: 
The gifts of magic which the en-slavers/false saviors shall bring to humanity. Are but only toys for the pets/play things in which they shall/already own. 
For their amusement they give the gifts of magic to the lesser beings to selfishly enjoy. Just a sample of the true nature of things that those lesser human beings cannot even conceptualize in it's entirety.
So as long as each of us continue to be amusing and abide by their complete will. We each shall be welcome and accepted. Once we each become a problem as defined by them. Then we will be killed. Even the entire planet of humans. Not that they would soil their own hands in our collective murder. they can and do have the individual power to cause their selected human leaders and those blind followers of the human leaders to go forth and make war against the other.  All without any awareness of their actions and for whom their destructive war machines were made by.
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