Saturday, August 22, 2015

Criminalize Righteous Christians: (Unedited): 22 Aug 2015:

The new legal moral imperative to favor legalized sin. Shall also criminalize all that is righteous and Godly.
This is the new beginning for the shunning of all which is Christian. In which it will evolve into the criminalization of anyone who is Christian and upholds a pure belief in what God has commanded by law as a sin. This will be successful because, Today's modern American Christian shall do nothing to stop it and they will eventually lose all of their freedoms and rights. Then when there is a definite Christian Minority with minimal power, wealth and social/cultural support. They will be imprisoned, abused, tortured and murdered. No one will care. They will celebrate and no one will investigate crimes against Christianity. This is prophecy.
That which is happening is happening to Chick-fil-a in Denver Colorado. Shall also happen to other businesses and churches all over the USA. Even sending pastors and other Christian lay people to jail. But, first they will just take your money. The hiring and maintaining of any professed Christian shall also be looked down upon. Christians shall be fired and not accepted for employment for being Christian and there will not be any legal recourse or unemployment compensation or food stamps or medical care or any social security benefits. All of this shall not happen all at once but evolve over time.
Notice the dates.
Notice the date.
Ten evidence of fallen church denominations who have begun to accept the abomination of desolation within their holy places. This is just one as I myself have begun to seek out a church which upholds the Laws/Commandments of God, who expects righteousness and holiness from the entire membership. Which includes the leadership. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is just one of the churches I have looked into. Just as they have begun to fall.
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