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Aircraft Carrier Evolution: (Unedited): 17 Aug 2015:

The evolution of the Aircraft Carrier may need a new name and designation. Just as there are many different kinds of Aircraft Carriers today and throughout warfare history. This new weapons platform I'm seeing is exactly that. A new weapons platform. A fully self contained weapons platform. If you are going to build a battleship. You should include planes. Maybe the new name should be Dreadnought or something of related relevance.
More than twice as long and more than twice as wide as a new Ford Class Aircraft carrier. 
The first thing I saw was the ability to launch aircraft and drones quickly. 10-12 launch lanes. 4+ Above deck and 4+ below deck. The number of launch lanes above deck and below deck can be different. The rear/Aft portion of the deck seems to be for a variety of Helicopter purposes.
Deep below. I saw multiple pairs of nuclear power plants. Pairs dedicated for propulsion. Pairs for weapons systems. Pairs for general use. This seems like a common theme in my writings.
All manor of integrated weapons systems.  Read my Battleship.
The number of defensive weapons systems is greatly increased and staggered all around the ship.
The offensive weapons systems.
From below the ocean to above the ocean and outside the atmosphere. Threats can be neutralized. All at once. While launching all of her planes and drones. While launching extended range cruise missiles.
Would this be an Aircraft Carrier Missile battleship or dreadnought?
The era of a helpless Aircraft carrier shall soon be gone. The Gerald R. Ford class of Aircraft Carrier seems to be a test bed for something else and it hasn't even been given to the US Navy. The Ford Class may just be the last of the helpless Aircraft Carriers Which must remain centered within the Carrier Strike Group.
I see flights of drones. A surveillance/radar drone. An underwater search drone. A looking up drone. Plus a variety of attacking drones. Within one organized flight. They do not circle the Aircraft Carrier but maintain a fixed and evolving security position assigned to the Aircraft Carrier.
I also see flights of drones becoming a new set of networked eyes and ears for a pilot as well as multiple opportunities for weapons packages. Now a single pilot can become His/Her own Wing.
If the new F-35 can be fixed or is that actually work and be capable of networking into the pilots systems. Then this new F-35 plane can become it's own wing. The F-35 needs some serious "GoFast" put into it as well as 30+% more range. At this point. The F-35 should go back into re-design. In the mean time. Put more "GoFast" into the F-16 and the F/A18. Un-cannibalize the WartHog and engineer it for Aircraft Carrier activities. Yes, That will mean a newly engineered plane. I know put some "GoFast" into the Warthog 2. Really!!! Warthog2 and put it on Iranian Swarm duty. My brother would add a boat load of excitable expletives to this idea. No disrespect intended or offense meant.
The A-10 Warthog2 would need to be able to network with the drones of the future. The re-engineering of the A-10 should be relatively easy. As it is known where all of the flaws and weaknesses are. Fix them. Then add the "Go Fast" and let her rip. The production would be costliest. Let Lockheed have it (humor). I like Lockheed. Not much for Martin though (Humor).
Added on 21 Dec 2015: The adaptation of energy based weapons into planes. Would suck a certain amount of power away from the planes engines. So I just did a very basic general check on the physical size/dimensions of the F-16 engine, F22 engine and the F-35 engine. If you removed the mechanical ability of the F-35 engine to downward thrust. That engine may just be able to fit into an F-16. The F-35 engine is a variant of the F22 engine.
Added on 18 Aug 2015: A comment about Missile systems against the Iranian swarm threats.
The A-10 Thunderbolt Warthog would be a good solution. The landing gear would need an Aircraft Carrier solution though. The entire plane would be highly useful as both an offensive and defensive weapons platform. Once air superiority has been established. A missile of any kind can only attack one target. A re-engineered and a newly produced A10 Warthog2 would be a much more useful tool in many theaters of warfare and far cheaper than the F-35 and you could still get a happy meal.. The F-35 is just not working right and may never. The F-35 lacks a meaningful can of "Whoop Backside" and needs much more "Go Fast " installed. The F-35 would never be used for any swarm solution. The F-35 would be a stand off weapon. The A-10 already has an instant fear factor. With Iranian thin skinned water tanks operating in swarm mode. They would be No match and minimal effectiveness against the A-10. Until Iran evolves the swarm concept.
The Apache helicopter is becoming an aged weapons platform. There hasn't been an equivalent design since 1975 which hasn't been cancelled. Until the new Sikorsky S-97 Raider. This Raider looks very exciting and if it works may be a better weapons system then even the A-10 warthog. Much more useful. Except the effective range does need to be extended a great deal.
The A-10 thunderbolt is a dead plane. Even though the deployment to areas of threat has gained much news lately. It is only for propaganda purposes as there isn't air superiority in Ukraine. In Turkey there is air superiority.?.ISIS has or is using Chemical weapons on the Kurds and the U.S. isn't responding. So Propaganda use of the A-10's.
As far as layered security is concerned. The new missile systems should be integrated on all ships. Should be continued and evolved. The A-10 should not be over looked. The new Sikorsky S-97 should garner a serious eye by those who know way more than this wannabe arm chair expert. Much more effective solutions are out there. Which offer greater dimensionality than just a new or extended purpose missile system can accomplish alone.
Added on 20 Aug 2015:
The lower flight deck.  I see multiple intake high air volume fans. I also see the ability for air to easily pass through. I suppose this is to give planes additional lift and to remove a temporary vacuum situation and an over pressure situation.?. I also saw doors. Which can seal the openings off.
I also see an inherent weakness in a over and under flight deck. Any explosion on the lower deck. Would be a very big problem. As the explosion would have no up or down expansion. Most of the energy would transfer through out the ship. Maybe this is why I see pairs of short and medium range weapons systems on either side of every cut out rectangle hole on the ship. The Phalanx was the easy one to recognize. The horizontal shaped device is still unknown to me. There were also additional square plates. Much darker in appearance. These seemed to be also on either side of the ships entrances. Almost like water level eyes.
How I saw the twin multiple flight decks was just weird. Why have a cheeseburger when you can have a double cheeseburger? It's more meat. The power of an Aircraft carrier is in it's aircraft. At twice the size. This Aircraft carrier should have more than twice the planes and more than twice the ability to deliver firepower. The word "Twice" is an understatement. A potential stand alone super ship. Where all of the other ships and boats of the strike group depend on the super ship for protection. A reversal. Of course those who have studied Naval history knows you do not ever send your single ships out alone. You know Bismark and what happened. You will always need a strike group to go along with this new capital ship Dreadnought. I do not think the word Dreadnought will be used because of the word "Dread". Need a nicer designation.
Added on 22 Aug 2015: Afternoon dream vision. In which I have remained groggy. Hours afterwards.
I'm assuming a war footing. There are three of these new Aircraft carriers. Directed upon a selected land mass. I cannot see it. My focus is upon the ships or ship. I'm an observer.
Dozens upon dozens of drones are launched. To be followed by a large number of cruise missiles. To be further followed by standard aircraft. Each with it's own compliment of dedicated drones.
Multiply this by three. Into the darkness.
Out of the darkness. There is a response from a variety of locations. Missiles take to the sky. By the Hundreds. Their fuel release into glorious light from directed energy sources. The targeted missiles which had a threat assigned target sequence. Were destroyed first. To the on looker it all seemed just random. Much destruction in the air of which all of the wreckage falls upon the people. Medium range defensive missiles launch. Short range defensive guns light of the sky with their flaming tracers. Helicopters drop their buoys and torpedoes. Eliminating threats to the fleets.
defensive aircraft are scrambled. Drones target those aircraft. Missiles are released. When the drones run out of missiles or ammo. They are either assigned a return to home or return to station to become a kamikaze. Unless that drone has a surveillance package aboard.
Seconds seems like minutes and it must have been an hour or more have gone by and a new target solution is created. Then a new launch of missiles and specific attacking drone bombers take to the sky. From the destroyers they launch a compliment of cruise missiles.
A new wave of planes launch with drone escorts. Preparations are made to receive, retrieve and redeploy. Air superiority must be established. Other ships are deployed closer to shore. Flights of helicopters are launched. High altitude planes surveillance any possible threats.
Added on 23 Aug 2015: Engines or electric motors.
From a standard of 4 shafts to 7 shafts. They are arranged in a "V" formation. Maybe more of a "U" formation. The full width of the aft portion of the ship is used.
With 4 additional port and starboard water jets. For a total of 8 water jets. A certain amount of distance apart they are separated. They each can be angled for very tight turns and for additional stopping thrust. 50+ knots. They almost look like strap on engines. But they are made into the hull as bulbous extensions.
This is what is in my mind right now.
I can see running tests with only the water jets and all of them together.
Added on 10 Sept 2015: A-10 Hawg. 22+ minute video. Evolved into (CAS). Close Air Support. What it truly means and the effectiveness which translates into trust by the soldier who is alone on the ground.
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