Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sinners Allowed: Hero Sinners: (Unedited): 13 Aug 2015:

Churches which allow unrepentant sinners into their holy places. Shall endure a variety of spiritual curses. While the world makes the victimized sinners into heroes. 
Hero Sinners: (Unedited): 13 Aug 2015: 
Unrepentant victimized sinners within the church shall be made into worldly heroes deserving of great sympathy, compassion and wealth.
Prophecy Fulfilled. Abomination of desolation. The little anti-Christs knowingly accept actively engaged sinners who have no desire to repent of any of their sins into every aspect of Church leadership as well as membership. Each of these are the fore runners of the great destroyer to come. Each of these are the demonically controlled John the Baptists who teach twisted truths.
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