Sunday, August 16, 2015

1 of 1000: (Unedited): 16 Aug 2015:

:This is a word vision Prophecy:
It is year one of one thousand. A new method to count the years. As prophecy dictates. There shall only be one thousand years of peace. In that time and possibly on this new planet. All has been renewed or newly prepared. The chosen and snatched away remnant shall begin anew. They shall embrace the wisdom of love, peace, harmony, law and life. To such a degree. That the law shall nearly be forgotten but not replaced with lawlessness. You cannot say that lawlessness rules where law is forgotten. The purity of love, peace and harmony brings forth life and automatic observance of the law.
The planet is still very difficult and hard. The animal life and all aspects of fauna is in abundance. The stars may even be different. The remnant shall become the true caretakers of this new or reformed planet. They each shall have a direct communication with all of the life upon this new world. Some, most or all aspects of the spiritual gifts shall be readily used by those who easily embrace them. The animal life shall openly come to them for assistance or assurance. Even the great and fearsome predators shall come to them in love and acceptance. The fear that the former humans once have had is as extinct as they are now. These animals shall not be treated as pets or as service animals. Direct two way communication shall be easy and not divined in any way. The understanding of the needs, wants and desires of any animal or plant shall not be confusing or vague.
In the year one thousand of one thousand. The destroyer shall come. His thirst for blood shall go  unquenched. The one thousand years of peace shall end. This is only a prophecy and revelation of any prophecy can alter it completely. So if the new remnant of humanity plans and prepares for the eventual arrival or freedom of this great destroyer. Then destroyed they shall not become. By holding firmly onto love, peace, harmony and life. By not allowing themselves to forget the laws. By keeping in actual communion with God. By becoming and remaining a holy and righteous people in the sight of God. The destroyer shall have no effect. In one thousand years much can be lost and forgotten. Just as this digital content shall be lost forever when the power goes out. So to many things can be forgotten or just simply unknown. Through prayer, meditation, Contemplation and fasting. Shall answers and new questions come to the forefront of the searching spirit and mind. 
In year one of one thousand. Begins a life of survival. Shall the new humans forget everything and regress back into their most basic of animalistic natures? or will they embrace all that they can evolve to be? That will be their every second and every day choice. With those very important questions. How can we do more than just survive? When survival in any sense. Is not fun and is not living a life with any kind of purpose or meaning. Survival is merely not becoming extinct. With all of the bruises, blood and broken bones. That go along with survival.
In year one of one thousand. A thousand years may seem like it is so far away. But, it is not. You must begin at day one of these next one thousand years. To plan for the future of humanity and for the coming of the great destroyer. Every single day must be for the future of humanity. Every day must have purposeful and planned works for the last day of one thousand years. So that when that very last day is upon humanity. When the destroyer does come every aspect of his arrival shall be mitigated and or prevented. The destroyer shall become ineffective. But beware, in all of these things. Do not allow hate to seep in. Do not allow a war footing to take a hold. Do not allow chaos to cause you to fear greatly in those last hundreds of years. Do not give up, give in or to quit any where in between. Do not acknowledge that your death/extinction is an option to be considered at any time. To burst through that coming one thousand year barrier. Shall become the birth of something new and wonderful. Something which shall not know any limitation of time and space.
This may very well be the last time that God shall save humanity. It is in this prophecy in which nothing follows. This prophecy does not declare any saving. There shall not be a Noah, A Moses, A new Adam/Eve or even a Jonah with a warning. There shall not be a remnant to be saved yet again. So in this last one thousand years. It shall be all of your responsibility. To maintain your holiness and righteousness as seen by God. It shall be all of your responsibility to choose by your own free will to love one another, to live in peace, to exist in harmony, to revere all life and to honor the laws.
It shall be your time:
To save yourselves and become your own heroes.
Your right to life will only be seen in your daily actions. Throughout the entire one thousand years.
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