Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fallen False: satan World Ends: (Unedited): 11 Aug 2015:

False teachers teach from within the fallen Churches/Religions. Thus, all that you may have been religiously taught may in fact be wrong.
The word church is my universal word for Mosque, Synagogue and temple.
A fallen church is one where the church leadership has allowed sin to dwell within the holy places.
This also means any little lie and deception. Such as racism, sexuality and prophecies. This is to also include cultural-ism. This includes hatred which breeds a war footing against a defined enemy. An enemy which is your brother or sister. Those who go to war or conflict are all Cain in mind. Those who hate are all Cain at heart. Those who are disobedient to Gods original intentions are all Cain in action.
Personal Note: I am a Cain who is struggling not to be. When everything seems to be known as lies and deceptions. Everyone has become Cain. Every religion is a Cain. Therefore everyone needs to by their own free will. Just go to God in long prayer and meditation. Prayer is you talking to God, Meditation is you Listening to God. Quiet time is you contemplating Gods words to you. 
False teachers, false prophets and anti-christ are here and their numbers are growing. Those religious leaders whom you favor or once had favored and learned a great deal from. May have contaminated your way of thinking with the teachings of false prophecies, false teachings. These things and every little thing you must reacquaint yourself with. For instance "The Left behind series" what if this is in it's entirety a false prophecy. Yes, there may be some truthful elements contained inside. But, didn't satan mix the truth of the word with false understandings and knowledge's? When he tempted Jesus. Get it or find it, dust it off and look it up in the ole Holy Bible.  Let that sink in for a moment. Then what about the rapture? Is it real or not. For me the rapture is not an absolute and hope that it is absolutely true. In spite of the word rapture not being in the Holy Bible.
A good friend of mine is absolutely sold on the rapture and I told him I shall not be like those who shall continue to argue or debate the point when it occurs. Yes, He will tell me so. But, on the other side of this vague coin. If the rapture does not happen. I hope he will not deny God and curse God. Because, that shall happen as well. Those by mouth only Christians shall take the mark of the beast. While the devout and righteous Christians shall die of thirst or starve to death. While others hunted and killed. Imprisoned and enslaved. With every imaginable abuse and torture to endure. Will you still dye after enduring all manor of physical and psychological hell with Jesus as your last word upon your last breath? Think about the old disciples, old believers and all they had to endure? Think about the Christians within the Roman Coliseum. How is it that your deserving or entitled to be any different? If every person on this planet began to love one another. There will be no need for government, kings, queens, dictators or any other evil leader of anything.
satan World Ends: (Unedited): 13 Aug 2015:
The world of satan ends. 
All because of love. 
With love there is true peace. 
With love there is true harmony. 
With love there is true life worth living. 
Love is the key to everything good and righteous. 
With love there is no need for the Law. This doesn't mean there will be lawlessness. It means that the Law of God is not all that apparent. When all of humanity begins to love one another. 
The laws of God or the Ten Commandments is for a people who do not love one another.
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