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Non Physical Signs: Abortion: (Unedited): 09 Aug 2015:

There are always signs of the times. Those things which happen to cause all of us to be more aware of our choices and of those things which are happening today. These signs may not even be those things which we even want to think about. For the last few months and the last few decades. Some signs have been ever present. While others are new. All signs are meant for us to recognize and to take those necessary actions for change. There is still the choices to ignore the signs, to disagree with the signs and to absolutely reject the signs. There will be those who just says who cares.
:Fallen Religions, Churches and church leaders:
For some time now. Most likely several decades. The Religions are falling away from their original teachings. To such a degree that there will be a time when no one will be alive who will be able to teach those original teachings of those old and archaic religions. Catholicism and Christianity has deeply fallen away from their original teachings of the Holy Bible. It seems that weekly some aspect of Christianity has fallen. This week it is the Mennonite church.
Pastors of churches are also falling and failing such as this week it is T.D. Jakes. Who is evolving his beliefs into the acceptance of sin. Abomination of Desolation is happening within his spiritual holy place as well as within his church in which he may become his own god of. Is that another sign in itself. That people go to a church to follow the pastor instead of the God of all things? While never making those important changes in their lives in regards to righteousness and holiness.
There is a whole long list of churches and pastors all of the USA. In Tampa, FL. we recently had a church selling cocaine. In Clearwater, FL. we recently had a church stealing peoples tax refunds. In Apopka, Fl. A church worker has a sexual relationship with a disabled minor for a year. It just goes on and on. This is only one state. Do the research in your own state.
The fall of religion, the fall of churches and the fall of church leaders is not a sign for those three specific entities. It is a sign for the common Christian person. The religion, the church and the church leaders are merely just reflections of the whole group of Christians. It is a sign that all of Christianity has fallen. This includes every denomination.
The Catholic faith may have been the first to publicly fall with the historical revelations of their crimes against humanity. The historical rape of children and of nuns. The abortions within the church. Their military sponsored activities which include all of the Crusades.In which today is still ongoing with Islam. With the USA as the spearhead of this new crusade against Islam.
Islam has also fallen away. A beautiful religion of peace has embodied the ugliness of perpetual war.
:Gay Pride:
 A definite sign of sin and the agreement by everyone to make this sin a rightful freedom. When at one time being gay was both a mental illness and a crime. Today, The LGBT community has more rights and freedoms then do the Christian or even the disabled. The power of the LGBT community has garnered much political power and exercises it with every politician at every level. While the individual Christian person. Just works, maintains their families and do nothing else. This political or governmental apathy is what has lost the USA. Soon the LGBT will have enough political power to begin to persecute every christian with prosecution and civil litigation. So strong the legal persecution be. That no Christian will be able to proclaim their faith in any way. Without a still jail term, governmental fines and severe civil liabilities.
This sign is still about death. death to the family name and to the genetic lineage of that family.
A male with male bonding and a female with female bonding in the very intimate sense is and always will be unnatural. No matter what man made laws and religious acceptance dictates. No matter how any human being interprets what love is to be. The word love has been twisted into something which is and was considered a deep wrong. The Holy Bible and other ancient Holy Texts teach that God declares such activities as sin. No human can go against the laws of God. Without suffering the consequences of Holy Judgement. Since Americans live in a free country where their representatives make laws which are in agreement by all. So to shall all Americans suffer Holy Judgement. 
Abortion: (Edited): 09 Aug 2015:
 Abortion is the murder of innocent life. The political and religious agreements that life begins after birth are absolutely wrong. A thing cannot be dead and then suddenly be alive once birthed. A woman does not create life. She continues the expression of life from her very living egg. The egg must be alive and not dead. A dead egg cannot maintain life or even accept a sperm into it. The male sperm is also alive. A dead or even weak sperm cannot fertilize a living egg. Once the two living elements join together, they each cease to be what they once were and in this merging a new living being is actively growing and developing into a living reflection of the two parents. Thus life is a continuation and not of a new creation. 
The only human being who was once dead and then became alive is Adam. Eve was always alive and was taken from Adam as a part of his living rib. You could say from stable living genetic material was woman made. Thus the perpetuation and continuation of life began. Humanity does not create life. Life is continued and maintained by the intermingling of a male and a female. A male with male bonding and a female with female bonding in the very intimate sense is and always will be unnatural. No matter what man made laws and religious acceptance dictates. It will always end in the eventual death of the same sex pair.
Because of the legal state and the rightful freedom of abortion. All of Americans shall be accused of murder. Every murdered child is a blood sacrifice of death upon all the living.
Planned Parenthood and their possible actionable crimes against the Federal Government and to each State. Seems to have been ignored by most politicians as the vote to un-fund Planned Parenthood has failed. In which this sign of continued funding is also permission by all Americans for Planned parenthood to continue to sell dissected human baby body parts in which they have murdered through permission by the mother. While at the same time doing all of their crimes against the Federal Government and of State Governments under the cover of Medical privacy laws. The politicians who have voted in favor of Planned Parenthood are evil. Just as those at every level of Planned Parenthood are absolutely evil. I invite you to go and watch those videos. If you can still find them.
This sign is about death and deceptions.
:Cop Killings/Murders:
 In the last year Law enforcement persons have been killing innocent and unarmed people. I have seen the actual videos of many. This is a terrible precedent in American society. Even though the numbers of law enforcement personnel shooting people is very low as compared to the entire population of the USA. All of the news media outlets have only caused the common person to think that it is open season against those persons with dark skin tones. Thus, The final outcome will be. When a dark person of color comes into contact with a police officer. They to will shoot first. For fear that the cop has already decided to kill them.
The media is portraying this as racism and the riots which have occurred reflect all of it. The absolute truth of racism is still today not even mentioned anywhere. Except from me and certain native Americans. We are all one relation or family. Many cultures speak historically of the one family of 8 adults who survived the great flood. We are all descendants from those 8 adults. They are all descendents of Adam and Eve. All of this history is in the Holy Bible. Go read it for yourself. History proves that we are all one singular race of human beings. Human DNA Finger printing also proves that we are all one singular human species. By discarding 99% of the identical DNA that we all share in order to identify one specific person. The Human Genome project also proves that more than 99.9% of all of our DNA is identical. Which yet again proves that we are all of one species of human beings. This cannot be argued or refuted in any way. It is an absolute fact that we are all brothers and sisters to one another. So all of racially motivated murders was all based on lies and deceptions being perpetuated by world leader, religious leaders and cultural leaders.
This sign is about death and lies.
:Cecil The Lion:
Well Cecil the Lion was murdered by an American dentist. Why did this even matter. But, apparently to Americans it did and caused an emotional stir of anger and sadness for the old lion.  Here in the USA there are hunting lodges and cabins all over the USA. Many people have head trophys of their kills up on walls. Cabelas stores have trophy's all over their stores. You cannot look anywhere without viewing death in art form. So why did Americans care about this? When so many other atrocities happen every single day in the USA. Child abuse and child trafficking is rampant and yet the USA does not hold a monopoly on child abuse or child trafficking. There is active prostitution of foster kids everywhere. Aged out former foster kids living on the street on their 18th birthdays. No one seems to care about human beings but if you abuse a little kitten or puppy. Jail for you. The priorities of Americans is way off. 
Recent comment to the death of Cecil thread.
Death is death. It is all a part of the animal kingdom.The predator takes it's prey for sustenance and for protection from a threat. Humanity or certain Human beings derive pleasure from the killing for no reason other than for enjoyment selfish desires and etc. Yet, I cannot help but to think that this is a test. A test of priorities in caring and thinking. Just as the recent revelation's of Planned Parenthood is also a sign in how we care about life or when to care. Especially, when an organization may be very criminally minded. Miss .......... talks about Pedophiles. The hurting of children. From my perspective Foster care, Child abuse and the aging out of children in foster care. The bottom line of all of these things is Love. When to love? How to Love? Is it OK to Love? Why do we need to love? As an animal based species is hunting regressive or evolutionary for each of us or all of us? or is everything a choice? Then is everything a choice? Which is righteous? worldly, legal, illegal or sinful? Does it matter? No matter the answers given. I still think this is a test or a sign?
This sign is about death and lost priorities.
The USA is no longer a republic nor is the USA a fair and equal democratic form of government. Since President Reagan and other politicians since. They have effectively converted/altered the USA into a profit making system of government for corporations as well as for the politicians who have legalized bribes for themselves. Of course they do not call it bribes. They call it campaign donations. While further making laws which only benefit American Corporations, Foreign Corporations as well as seemingly American Corporations which are mostly owned by foreign nationals. The United States of America is no longer for the people, by the people. All of this has been done in secrecy. With no awareness by any of the American population. Without awareness there shall be no revolution or civil war. The foreign ownership of real and imaginary assets shall be more than enough for the United Nations to assume authority over a declared former USA Government. During some extreme emergency. Where debts are declared to be not payable. The bribed politicians and their families will have already been established within foreign countries. Thus, them and their families protected by foreign entities. This evidence shall be easily seen with their own children already living abroad. With a steady flow of unknown, untaxed and unseen,wealth going to them.
This sign decades in the making. Is the result of every American person. Not taking part in the management of elected officials. Thus, the ongoing neglect from the American people. Shall end in the loss of their country and becoming a non-peoples as defined by the United Nations. This is something that the general American population may never know as the foreign ownership of all of the news media outlets have substantial foreign ownerships. Thus, those foreigners will not want any bad press and actively limit bad news that affects them or other related corporations. For instance the recent limited and scrubbed news about Planned Parenthood. Go and seek out the news in regards of those very revealing Planned Parenthood videos. It is now appearing that all of this news is being scrubbed. Scrubbing news from public view is all manor of wrong.
This sign is about deceptions and the loss of a God given Country. 
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