Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dimensional Warfare Threats: (Unedited): 08 Aug 2015:

As warfare and plans for warfare become more dimensional . The heartfelt desire to remain within the old and solidly established single dimensional thinking processes. Will sink your warships in unexpected ways and turn your very own old new missiles into war implements re-directed against your own assets.
As modern technology for warfare advances so to does reliability, destructive power as well as pin point accuracy as well as the multiplicity of unseen and unknown threats. Thus, leading the leaders of the world to falsely think and believe that war is survivable. Well at least survivable for the select and chosen group of people. Who will not be the majority common people on this planet or any other.
The expansion of weapons use cannot be controlled. As civilian populations must eventually be targeted and destroyed. In order to limit the number of foot soldiers and those who manufacture weapons of any kind. That is until robotic influences warfare to a degree that the known though that humanity cannot be trusted with absolute evil and immoral orders.  Modern warfare cannot be survived by any group. The select chosen or the rejected commoners. Once modern warfare has been decided. The only survivable option is to already have an established life breathing/giving planet in which you can live in peace. That is until your enemies find you there or that you breed new enemies from within to cause more war for yourselves. Because, the sensitive young ones who love beauty, compassion and mercy. Will see the ugliness and the absence of love within you. Thus, a new beginning of warfare will rise up. This new warfare is not because of them it is because you are absent of Life, Love, Peace, Harmony and righteous law.
In which this is the foundational truth. You are the cause of war. So no matter where you may go. Your extinction will follow you. You cannot survive your own war mindset. Because, you are the creator of war. From this intimate revelation. You shall have no life. Nor anyone who shall be associated with you. Including the hopes you have within your own children.
The Cain mindset only murders that which you love through your own uncontrolled jealous rage. The Cain mindset is that of eventual warfare and death. So any belief system which leads to warfare. Is a belief system of death-total death-extinction. This includes any religion, any political thought or any ideology. 
Is it life that you want? free from your enemies who are genetically more than 99.9% your own brothers and sisters. You must first realize that the theory of the separation and division of the races here on Earth are absolute lies with absolutely zero supporting evidence. The factual evidence of a singular race of human beings is contained within the Holy Bible and has been proven to be accurate with DNA Finger Printing and the completion of the Human Genome Project. Now, It is an absolute fact that humanity is a singular race of one type of people. This cannot be argued or debated by anyone anymore.
So how does any person, any leader or any manager turn away from those false belief systems in which they are deeply rooted in? Or that those false belief systems have become so deep within their Psyche that the false belief systems are who they are. How do you correct this? Can it be corrected? or should death be given to those who are so deep within the false beliefs that they are willing to freely give their lives for the cause? These underlings who have been raised up in the false beliefs most likely have come from the commoners and to return means they shall return to nothing.
The absolute logical law of life. May be just enough to alter a persons controlled thinking processes which have become ingrained within every part of their being. By infusing this absolute logical formula may change begin to take hold. Thus, like a great poison killing all that there was into that which may be. During the course of transformation, Self destruction may be chosen by the person who learns the light truth is overtaking all of the darkness that they have found reward and comfort in. Thus, They may choose to return into the darkness of perpetual sleep and spiritual containment.
**NOTE* I have no idea what spiritual containment is. It does seem to be real and a part of some kind of prelude to justice. The word spiritual containment is my best word for an unknown thing which occurs. If spiritual containment does occur. Then the Judgement may not go well for the spirit which is contained**.
I've already written of this logical formula of life many times and the inverse logical formula of death as well. I do know these are partial formulas and I am only to know this small part it. It's actual logical arrangement is just my best guess. I did fail general math. So, the arrangement would look similar to know scientific formulas with known variables. Like I said these are partial formulas. Just like every scientific formula known or theorized by humanity is in fact a partial formula. I have written about his as well. Good luck finding it if your of interest. I have no clue as to it's location.
Life= Love, Peace, Harmony, Law
Death= Hate, War, Chaos, Lawlessness.
If you mix any aspect of the death formula into the life formula. Death shall result in time.
If you mix any aspect of life formula into the death formula. There is no guarantee and most likely death shall still prevail.
Love is the most powerful element. It is seen as anti-logical in a formula filled with emotions.
True peace can only come from love. True harmony can only come from love. True life can only come from love. Even in death there is total peace, total harmony. In death there is no law or lawlessness. In death there is no Hate. In death there is no chaos. In death there is no war. In death all that there is - is nothingness. No Joy, No Purpose, No meaning, No Hope. I have been there and it is different than hell. Quieter.
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