Sunday, August 16, 2015

Curse Choices: Eternity Allowed: (Unedited): 13 Aug 2015:

The righteous spiritual blessings given to you. May also bring to you worldly curses.
The worldly blessings searched for and worked for by your free choice. May also, bring to you spiritual curses.
Eternity Allowed:  (Unedited): 13 Aug 2015:
Worldly blessings will only last as long as the god of this world allows it. While the spiritual curses you freely bring onto yourself will last all of eternity. 
C.J. MacKechnie
Righteous spiritual blessings should not be confused with worldly spiritual blessings. There are many spiritual powers which are not righteous or holy and yet still very powerful. These are from the god of this world and those spiritual gifts from him are usually given to those who have a selfish and self desiring heart and mind. They want for themselves and not for others. For them there is no sin, wrong doing or evil deeds. While they may help others from time to time. There shall be a direct line in which they benefit more than the one whom they are helping. Those whom they help may also become indebted to them for a time.
Those who are truly righteously spiritually blessed. Seem to do everything for everyone else while given much gratitude to the God of everything and above all. They seem to only direct all attention to God and never to themselves. They are wholly attuned from their own spirit, mind and heart towards the supreme divine being above all. Even from their own infirmities, weaknesses and ailments. They seem to maintain their humble heart while never accepting any attention for themselves and pointing everyone away from them. All thanks and gratitude is only for the Heavenly Father.
Those worldly leaders who pretend to be righteous by the edicts of other men. Their selfish desires can be easily seen with them asking for anything in which they are directly involved in and profit from directly.
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