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Less Than 30 Days: (Unedited): 23 Aug 2015:

Will the coming September event be a self fulfilling prophecy? There is growing hype of 23 Sept 2015(Not my date). Before the 3rd. 7 year economic collapse begins. Look to the events which precede it. Which I believe have already begun. Look at China explosion and for any more which are to follow. If they do follow then there may be a state of war and that fear alone will crash the worlds economies.
Do not become so focused on the 23rd Sept 2015 date. Maybe, see it as an end point instead of an exact set date.This Sept 2015 may just be the event which precedes the 2022 event. All of which gains in magnitude in correlation to the sins of the USA. What is not certain, Is 2015 to be the end of the USA or will it be 2022. It may be  2022 as none of the worlds military's are ready for any kind of global war. This includes the USA. The USA is most likely the most helpless of all of the nations.  The key dates may be from 15 Sept thru 28 Sept 2015: Remember It's not the prophecy which is import or even dates. What is important is the purple words. Your relationship to God and your direct efforts to live your life as righteously as possible as seen by only God. This is truly important. Your preps or whatever else you may do. Is just less than.

We had the disciplines of 1995, 2001, 2008 and then if they do continue we shall have another discipline more severe than the one in 2008. This is progressive and I believe directly related to the sins of the American people. Lets look at what 2015 means as far as the American sins are concerned.
:Sins of 2015:
1). The number one sin which has been ongoing all year long is equal marriage rights for the LGBT community and they won. With minimal actions from the entire Christian community. This inaction may be seen by God as a non action by the entire Christian community as a whole.
2). The repressed news of Planned Parenthood. Which will be eventually scrubbed from every media source. Including YouTube. Yet the American people do not seem to care and the entire Christian community is not taking collective action against any entity of Planned Parent hood, any politician and on abortion rights. Abortion is clearly big business which is wholly supported by the USA. In which the Government of the USA is supposed to be reflective of the entire civilian population. In which because of Abortion every civilian will be held responsible. It is obvious that Planned parenthood and other directly related entities are breaking federal abortion laws back to 1994. I'm no lawyer. But it seems a variety of state and federal laws are being and have been broken, everyday.
3). The USA has been and is now an Oligarchy. Again, The entire Christian community has allowed the loss of their Country given to the corporate world. Which began during the Reagan administration.  Thus, as of 2015 is clearly evident as the worldly corporate powers even have powers over the states including Florida.
4). The Lies and deceptions of the races of humanity which promotes the actions of murderous racism. In the Holy Bible it declares that we all of humanity are direct descendants of the adult family of Noah and that they are the direct descendants of Adam and Eve. Yet, The entire Christian community have isolated and separated themselves based on race, culture and sociology. Which is directly against the intentions of God. We are all one family and of one relations. We are all meant to aspire to become Israel. Even all of Islam. The absolute truth was known before DNA Finger Printing of 1985. The Human Genome project of  2003. Which made absolute proof that more than 99.9% of all of OUR(Humanity) DNA is identical. Identical means the same. This information has not adequately been relayed to all of humanity as such. We are all brothers and sisters to each other. 
5). Abomination of desolation within the churches. Any Christian which follows their pastor before Jesus. Just as any Muslim person who follows any human leader into anything which separates them from the pursuit of peace. The acceptance of any of the sins of God which have been commanded. Which is brought into any of the holy places and agreed upon by the representatives of that church or religion. Shall be disciplined by God. They may all suffer. Save for the remnant which shall be removed in some manor as designed by God. The remnant may be so few in number. That every church congregation and denomination. Would declare that no rapture has occurred. This may not even become a declaration as the response would be. People move around, people change churches. Never mind that all of their worldly things are abandoned. The actual remnant may become so alien to the church they attend. That their disappearance may be welcomed.
6). The Federal Government of the USA is currently attacking the Navajo nation. These kinds of actions which support corporations shall become more common. Research this for yourselves. It seems like the primary water source for the Navajo nation was purposefully poisoned and contaminated. Then the EPA sends the Navajo Nation water in uncleaned/non-santized oil tanks. This is a new beginning of atrocities being conducted on behalf of the federal government by the direction of a mining corporation. This is not the first though. The first was the BLM in Nevada against a rancher on behalf of Walmart and China.  To build a solar panel farm. I believe all of that news has been scrubbed and/or just forgotten.
Just in case that God passes over the USA. I really do not think so. It is better for you to get right with God. Then it is to make all of your doomsday preparations absent of God or anything related to the godly spiritual gifts.
Also, Just in case the pre tribulation rapture is a false teaching. You should endeavor to endure unto your ending. However that may come to you. May you worship and bless all that is Godly with your last breath.
As I have mentioned. Just in case nothing happens. It would be wise to put into action all of your final doomsday preparations. It will also be necessary to activate your relationships with other like minded persons and groups. The greater number of groups in which you have a mutual relationship with. The greater the possibility of your survival. Like I said, even if nothing happens. Each of you must evaluate each other for strengths and weaknesses. Without any emotion.
The severity of a possible economic  down turn may be more severe than it was in 2008. It probably will be more severe. The 7 year pattern exists right now and should be easy for anyone to see. If you have planned properly. You should see it through and into the next discipline of 2022. In which the USA may end in 2015 or in 2022.
I think that since the USA is a newly established oligarchy. The corporations of the world will want to continue to suck all of the wealth from the USA and begin to enslave the entire civilian population. I think this is possible and may not be probable. I think it is directly related to the Trans Pacific Partnership and the abolishment of forbidding the use of slaves within the agreement. This may eventually work both ways.
Added on 24 Aug 2015@0625 Hours.:
2 explosions in China and one explosion in Japan at an Army ammunition warehouse in the last week or so. The Chinese stock market has already taken the worst plunge since 2007 and it is not even day light in the USA. North Korea has deployed the vast majority of their Navy including 50 of their approximate 70 submarines. They are preparing for war with the south. While talking peace.
Wall Street Futures may down by as much as 350 points. (I have no idea what a future is.)
Added on 25 Aug 2015: I do not believe this is the end as humanity is not fully into the Christian prophecies. What i mean is. "As it was in the days of Noah..."
There is still at least one critical thing left. In those days everyone had common knowledge of Angels. Today, we still do not have this. Or as they may be called in our current modern world as Aliens. This is common knowledge as in all of humanity knows of these angels/aliens. No more doubts. No more theories. No more wishful thinking. These angels will just be obviously present in our world and most likely involved in our everyday life. This is a key sign.
Added on 26 Aug 2015:
So since all of humanity does not have common everyday real knowledge of angels. Then it can be thought that if a dramatic economic collapse occurs. Which shall be worse than 2008. Then this last days until the beginning of the coming Jewish New year. Shall be survivable. For those who have prepared in advanced. Unlike my family which is to poor to do much preparing at all.  To repeat the key before the end of the Christian Prophecies. The angels must make a return. I could be in error. So be prepared for this error as well. Then plan for a 2022 event. Which should be worse than the 2015 event. If it happens. Billy Graham is a sign to look for. What? and How? and Why? I have no clue. It is also becoming apparent to me that Billy Grahams daughter may be a Christian prophetess. She would be a person to watch and to test (With Respect).
Here is the short list on how every human being can avert extinction. Remember extinction does not have to be immediate. It can last a couple hundred years or so or not.
Added on 31 Aug 2015: Doomsday Preppers and survivalists.
In and during these times of plenty and maybe even a little while after the possible 2015 events which causes the economies of the world to crumble yet again. For the third time.
You must immediately begin to prepare for the 2022 events. Which will most likely be in September as well. Remember my words above. Your number one prep is your connection to God. Remember the Mathew 24:22
It isn't going to be any of your physical preps which saves you. All your physical preps are going to do is allow you to survive longer than those poor souls who have done nothing. Like me and my family. It isn't that we won't. It's that we can't. Anyway. Here is your words. This is new. Share the Wealth. Find those and test those who are to be like you. Begin relationships and develop partnerships with other like minded persons, families and groups. Form up into towns. Realize your gifts and the excesses of them and give them freely. You may be the chicken lady. Well, from your excesses and from your experience. Teach and give those who are passionately willing all that they need to become better than you. This also goes for those who are gifted in cattle, Goats, Pigs and every other manor of raising animals and crops. One can hope that good deeds do not go unnoticed. So if something happens to you. Then the whole of the group does not suffer from your absence.
Also, You and others will need to come together to support those persons who are gifted in other ways and cannot do for themselves in an agrarian type of society. For instance a medical doctor, dentist, veterinarian and etc. You may know how many chickens or cattle are needed for your family. But, have you even thought about these importantly crucial people who are necessary for survival. But what about that jack of all trades guy and the school teacher. They will be important to. Because when everything is said and done. God has done his thing. The 1000 year countdown begins. We had 2000 years after Christ. So when humanity begins again at nothing and depleted resources. A thousand years is all we or you will have left. Till the next major event which shall test all of humanity yet again. Not that surviving isn't a test. But surviving isn't living a life.
Your group or township may also desire to support a devout person, a gifted, a shaman or a spiritualist. They will need to be tested and the numbers of them cannot be more than the group or town can support/sustain. There is a reason why there was usually only one within any group. Sometimes there were a male and a female.
Remember the meek shall inherit the Earth. For whatever that may be worth. If God does not exercise a boat load of miracles. Because the Earth shall be of fire for a time and the only true safe place may in fact be off planet for a time. Can you a Doomsday Prepper become one of the remnant? Will I be one? The purple words below are a start.
These purple words are awesome. Do you want to avert the majority of the bad and sad prophecies spoken and written by awesome prophets of old and of today. the importance of the purple words is of free choice. To do the purple words without and fear's, intimidation's or threat's. Well read the purple and do the purple. For instance to obey the Laws is a choice and is not to be forced upon anyone. God has not forced any human being to obey the laws. It is only mankind who has forced other people to obey the laws. You do so because you can see the good importance in them. Not because you have to but because you want to. It is the absolute basic understanding to a righteous and holy life as designed by God. So that we all can become a righteous and holy people as seen by only God and not to be decided or awarded by any human being or any other entity who is not God.
To love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in harmony.
 To cherish life.
To obey/honor the Laws of God.
 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
Added on 03 Sept 2015: Do the research yourself. Always remember. Go to sources and not propaganda report repeaters from the foreign owned news/media sites. For instance. Check out.
By counting how many warships and subs are out at sea. Then if you can extrapolate a reserve fleet in the established ports. This would be a concern. If you see former inactive naval equipment under going  reactivation. This would be a concern. Especially, if the entire civilian population is completely unaware of any war footing from their President. Mr. President Obama, What are you doing? Are you going to strike first? If China, Russia and North Korea believe that you will strike first. It would be prudent for them to strike before you can.
War. Will the events in Sept 2015 be war? China, North Korea and Russia will attack the USA? How many American ships and boats are at sea right now? How many have a return to fleet status? China has 5 ships near Alaska. Russian spy ship near Nuclear sub base in Georgia, USA. 50 or so submarines from North Korea are missing still. I have only read a few sources where a few subs have returned due to storms. Before you attack you position your assets. Then attack.
Please read Hole Shot Prophecy: For possible locations around the World and the USA.
Added on 17 Sept 2015:
Well, It looks like. The USA has made it through these last many days. The next upcoming series of doomsday events follows through until 28 Sept 2015: I just do not like date setting at all. Because, this year alone there has already been dozens of were all gonna die dates. Were all still here. What is of interest though is happy new year on the Jewish calendar.
The prophetic red horse has already been riding through for a couple of decades. If you are deeply involved in prophecy. Then you must be aware that just as the Jewish religious elites were confounded and confused with Jesus Christ/Yeshua. Because of false interpretations. What was thought to happen did happen but not in the way expected. I believe this is the way it shall also be during the entire time of the Christian Prophecies. That many, most or all of the Christian prophetic interpretations of Christian prophecy will be in error. This is most likely at the design of satan. Just think about it. If satan can manipulate even Peter to influence Yeshua. Who are we or who are you Christian person who has written and taught much about Christian prophecy interpretation? What you think is absolute truth and correct in Christian prophecy may only be partially correct. Prophecy is not meant to be an absolute thing which must happen. Prophecy is meant as an all encompassing sign. Telling everyone that they need to change their ways or else. I refer back to Joseph and the Pharaoh story. The pharaoh had a vision in which was an absolute thing which was and is to happen. Basically, Joseph said to this living god. "Were all gonna die". But, if you mitigate and manage the event. Then maybe you will live as a living god for a little longer. Please forgive my over simplified paraphrase. Go to the Bible yourself. Then Joseph with the blessing of God and the Pharaoh. Saved them all. Thus averted the absolute nature of the prophetic vision. This one lesson is proof that we all can avert any and all prophecy caused by any man. We can also mitigate and mange any awful natural event prophecy. In order to save lives.
What is of the importance is those purple words above. Coupled with your doomsday prepper plans.
I think the Christian red horse in prophecy can be resisted. maybe? possibly? or most likely not? I may write about this more later. Although the red horse does seem to be an absolute of God and it probably is. Which means when peace is taken away from all of mankind. Extinction cometh for all life on this planet. We may not have to many choices. As it appears. The leaders of the world seem hell bent on going to war with each other. There seems to be little or no option for any peace. The sides of this coming WW3 is easy to see. The time lines are becoming very very easy to see. It will boil down to who will ignore the signs? Most likely Europe. Who will jump the gun? The USA under whose leadership? President Obama after a severe natural or man made emergency. Hillary Clinton who may be the harlot of Babylon? Donald Trump who shall steal the business vote of both parties in this Corporate America which is a corporate Oligarchy. Whom ever it is shall be a bought and paid for voice of them all who actually run/own the USA.
Added on 29 Sept 2015:
Well, Nothing to drastic or tragic has happened. All of those predicted dates from early September to yesterday. Many people whom you have researched have set dates. For me this was just another test. Another unfolding of the didn't happen 2012 event or the year 2000 event or the mid eighties events. What does it all mean? Well, I don't know. I do know what usually happens. People who are weak in the faith falls away. The prophecy dates are very stressful to live with. Because, In Bible prophecy God has to intervene lest we all be destroyed. That is our fate by our own hands. We destroy ourselves and blame God for it all. Well, just go and collect yourself. Stay focus on those things which are truly important. Your faith and soul. Your family. Your close friends. Your good works which you freely choose to do without any expectation of reward or that you have to because God said so. You do good works because it is the righteous thing to do and for no other reason more than you want to.
Then on the list of important things comes your Doomsday preps. Because, it is the smart thing to do. Did you hold your practice drills? Did you mutually conduct your drills with other persons, families and groups? Did you at least talk to others about this?
You know there will be other people who are going to set prophecy dates in the hopes they will become famous for being right. Yea, Really. Remember what I said. Prophecy isn't important. They are just warnings for you to seek out those signs on your own and then to do as Joseph in the Bible had done. He managed and mitigated the dire natural event which came through proper and wise preparations. Joseph basically saved all of Egypt. Including the human god called a Pharaoh.
It's about those purple words above. Your relationship with God. Your continually active prayer life. Your continually active meditative life and those other times in which you just contemplate those things. That you should.
I shall be looking and seeking those signs of the times. I think one sign is The reverend Billy Graham and his passing. The return of the angels. What is the time line for these 2 things and many more? Well, any time between now and 2048. Most likely sooner than the 2048 date. But, I seem to be the only person on this planet who wants to avert all of the bad and sad prophecies ever written down or spoken. I believe it is better to listen to a mentor than a prophet. Because, if you live in a world where there are more prophets than mentors. Your in a big world of trouble. It just seems that we may not have that Jonah who just walks around yelling "Your all gonna die" and then we all change our ways in order to alter our prophetic fates. Are you getting this. Part of the red horse is the taking away of freedom to choose peace. What of the other horses. What do they take away within our humanity internally. This is getting deep and the fate of the world shall threaten extinction when God intercedes. Will 5-7+ billion die before that happens? Will there be a rapture of the remnant? Are you a remnant or how do you become one and remain one of the remnant? A good start is in the Bible as well as those purple words above. AND do not think I'm part of that good start. I'm a deeply flawed human being. Who is struggling as you are. All i do is point and you are to freely choose to go forward without following me.
Not to add any more stress. But, this is only the beginning of the Jewish New Year and the bad and sad prophetic events can happen anytime throughout this whole year. Yea, Just remember if a sudden confusing bad thing happens. Don't automatically become an angry hateful animal. Ready to kill everyone who comes to close. Just be prepared and when it is time to go. Do not return to your home or anywhere else for anything forgotten. Just go. This can be considered harsh advice but, it is Biblical advice. Be sure to train everyone to act accordingly and be able to trust your children. Teach them without adding fear. This is about being smart.
I think this whole month of September 2015. There were about a dozen prophetic dates spoken and written by many different people. With dozens of duplication's. Well, I work with one of those Bible readers. Whom I enjoy interrupting or bothering all of the time. It's just easy. Like when I don't see him in a while. I look astonished and declare I thought you went and got yourself all raptured. Or For a dozen times this month I greeted him with we missed it again. We were all supposed to die yesterday. By the way Good morning.
The point to this bad humor of mine is. If you are so worried and concerned about the real life end of days bad and sad prophecies. Then your missing the point of all of this righteous and ever lasting spiritual life stuff. Your body has to go to sleep that last time in order to free the true being within your physical body. That is where the true you exists. From your true self can you freely choose to become righteous and holy has seen and defined by only God. Then no matter what happens to the shell of your physical body. Your true spiritual self shall continue on. Get yourself right with God. Without any fears, intimidation's or threats. Know that if anyone expresses anything which is the opposite of life, love, peace, harmony and the laws of God. This includes me. They are absolutely wrong, wrong, and more wrong. It doesn't matter how popular, how educated or how rich they are. They are still seriously wrong. It doesn't matter if they preach and teach at the largest churches, mosques, synagogues and temples in the whole world. They are wrong.
How about this. Remember the SIGNS. This one is obvious. Anyone who goes against life is wrong. Remember satan and his fallen angels wants us all dead/extinct. They all know that God uses people like the poor and homeless Jesus. So why do you think the majority of abortion clinics are in poor neighborhoods? Anyway here is your sign.
 Thank you for reading through my writing style mess. john
02 Nov 2015:
We still here? Last comment.
Added on 17 Jan 2016:
We are all through the new year. There have been a few events since the signs completion. Signs are and always have been information sources. To look here or there. To think about this or that. Signs always require your choice to be aware and your choice to choose to abide by the sign(s).
As of right now there have been Three western events. Russia and China united in continuous military action in Syria. The Islamic attack in France. The Islamic attack in San Bernardino.
Signs always precede. So now we are in the continuation.
Added on 30 April 2016:
Yes, These are important: John Guandolo. You Tube search term with less than 1 year. To find more info. It is important to match his Quran versus with what he is saying. Get the facts and actually verify them from sources and not from parrot people.
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