Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dead Peace: (Unedited): 23 Aug 2015:

When all is dead. Then there shall be everlasting peace.
 The war path is becoming clear. The soldier brothers shall bleed each other red. Until, there is nothing left to flow.
This seems to be a twisted philosophy of the world today. This is a false truth  even though it is true.
Have you read the logical formulas that I've come to see. Though they are only partial and not arranged correctly. Here they are in their most incomplete state. Which happens to be the best I can do.
Life = Love, Peace, Harmony, Law. 
New elements for Life just realized. This elements are Pure, Righteousness.
The absolute reversal of this is as follows.
Death = Hate, Conflict, Chaos, Lawlessness.
 New elements for Death just realized. The elements are Defiled, Impiety.
So the above quote is most related to which law? I know to obvious.
If there is any mixing of the death formula into the life formula. Death shall become the final answer.
I think these elements are less in equality to those other primary elements. I'm just not sure how it all works. I would suppose those who knew the actual formula would know how to arrange the elements in an ideal setting.
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