Monday, September 28, 2015

Billy Graham: (Unedited): 28 Sept 2015:

I had a Billy Graham sign yesterday. It was obvious and seem to be directed right at me.
Of course there was zero wisdom, zero understanding and zero knowledge. God likes to tease me.
I'm making light of this sign. I can only assume that the time is short. I still think that the Reverend Billy Graham is one of the Christian end of days prophecies signs for the USA.
 I do think it is time for those who are close to this great reverend. Go and make the journey and say those things which are important in person. (This is for loved ones and known friends of family).
I call this a living funeral. It is way better than after a persons passing.
Go and express your love, your prayers. Time is short. Your funny stories and achievements after great sorrows. Stories of forgiveness and of family reunited in Christ.
The reverend Billy Graham. Shall go to sleep one last time and then awaken more aware than he has ever been. His mission is complete and he is going home. This is a celebration.
Do this every time you make a possible final visit with anyone. Not just the elderly or sick.
Yes, the body ceases to function. The spirit within continues onward. Towards the victories reward after a life of long Christian battles. Freeing souls from ignorance. Opening the eyes and minds of those who were both blind and closed minded. With the power of the Holy spirit.
Added on 07 Sept 2015:
Prophecies and false prophets seem to be everywhere. Even today is a prophetic doomsday. Just as last month there were dozens of prophetic dates which has come and gone. Any prophecy ever written is not of any importance. The prophet who has spoken or written any prophecy is also not of any importance. What is of importance is the condition of your own spirit and the relationship you have with God. What is also of importance is how you have lived and are living your life within that relationship with God. Accidents happen. Sickness and illness occur which takes the physical life. Your spiritual life is that which continues on after the physical body expires.
Evil men plan war and force the common citizen to cause death and destruction for the profit of those who commanded the troops. In which all war is against God no matter the proclamations of the perceived holy men or worshiped political leaders. No mater what the beautiful newscasters read from those who right their thoughts. War is wrong. All of humanity are brothers and sisters to each other. This is the truth. More than 99.9% of your DNA is identical to every other human being any where. No matter how they were born or not. No matter where they were born or to whom they were born. All of those who go forth to kill and maim have all become Cain. All of those who promote wars and plan for wars are all Antichrists. Anyone who does not freely choose to live a Christ like life without any threat, fear or intimidation. Dooms every other human being.
Added on 24 June 2016:
Is there a person who is to replace the Great Reverend Billy Graham? That is very much the wrong question. Or shall the USA Bare witness of a Jonah type of prophet who may come? Or shall God just destroy all that is of the covenant country (USA). I do think there may be one from the line of Graham. There is a look that a person has when they have been spiritually on Holy fire in the genuine. Miss Anne has that appearance. Whether she is or was, I do not know. It is how she appears. Also, with the spiritual purification comes with it a psychological oddity or oddities as well as spiritual laser beams. (No, I am not going to explain the spiritual laser beam comment). If you do not know what I'm referring to then you do not know. No, it is not a secret.Miss Anne does not agree with the term of prophetess in regards to her.
Miss Anna message seems to be pray, repent, righteousness and revival. I concur with this Holy message for this time in US history.
God will do and cause that which HE wills. God does not need me to tell him what he will or will not do.
The message of revival is a Graham family theme. Anyone who is righteous in the eyes of God. Will deeply desire revival. God himself may or may not cause a revival to storm across the land with great spiritual fires. I do not think so and hope I'm very wrong.
Revival comes when the worldly sinner sees the difference between himself and the Christian. The worldly sinner sees and knows there is a difference between their miserable life and the better life of the Christian. But, in today's modern era of legalized sin. There is no difference between the publicly accepted definition of a Christian and of the worldly sinner. Because, all of the worldly statistics prove there is zero difference. Why would a reasoned worldly sinner want to become a Christian? When the net effect is nil.
This is how to avert the total extinction of humanity. By your free choice and free will.

To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish life. To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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