Sunday, September 20, 2015

Draw Closer 1and2: (Edited): 18 Sept 2015:

The righteous ones, knowing their days are drawing to a close, will have the natural urge to draw closer to their Father in Heaven. 
Draw Closer #2: (Edited): 20 Sept 2015:
 The righteous two who have become one soul shall know their days are short after these many years together. They celebrate and worship their Father in Heaven who is the Lord of all. Together hand-in-hand they become inseparable as they together draw closer to the Father. Together they have become one. 
 It is easy to see and know who the genuine righteous ones are. They fear not death or the coming uncertainty of it. It is beautiful to watch and elderly couple who walk hand in hand completely supporting one another. The each ensuring that the other shall not fall or falter. Both so committed to the other. That they each perpetually sacrifice their whole being to the other. Yet neither would ever proclaim that they ever sacrificed anything. because when your love is that deep and that committed. There is no sacrifice. There is no sacrifice for the other as there is only one soul in two bodies. 
Edited By: R.L.Dell
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