Monday, September 21, 2015

Bad Memory: Their Abuse: (Unedited): 21 Sept 2015:

Bad things happen and this sadness can inflict our souls to the point where we continually remain within the perpetual memory of those bad things. Thus, we may never grow or evolve from them.
 A bad and terrible thing has happened. maybe, this bad and terrible has happened to you. Maybe there is an infinite number of bad and terrible things which has happened to you. What do you do? Where do you go from here? How do you resolve them?
What if you think your at fault? Well are you?
It is difficult to live the life you have had. But, the longer you choose to remain within those bad and sad memories of the past. Also, means that the joy and happiness you so desperately want and need will also not be possible or just fleeting. So how can you obtain joy and happiness after have suffered through years or decades of abuse and torture? Well, are you reading this? I cannot say that I know your pain and what you have gone through. But, I do know this. If you are free of the abuse and tortures. Then. You have been victorious and your abusers and torturers have lost and failed in their miserable actions of you.
I have spent decades trying to figure out why? There is a reason why the answers are not easy to reason. Because, there isn't any reason why anyone should be abused or tortured. If you were abused and tortured. Then none of it was ever your fault. You were just the body present. That is all. You could have been someone else and they would have been the ones who endured all that you have had to. Except they may have been the ones who died.
Their Abuse: (Unedited): 21 Sept 2015:
Your abuse and torture was never meant to be yours. It was always theirs.
A gift is not something you ever have to accept. You can be nice and friendly. But, you don't have to accept all gifts given to you. Just lik the gifts of abuse and torture. You can refuse to accept these gifts from black hearts of wrath and hate. Just refuse them and deny their acceptance into your being.  You do not ever have to accept any ugly memory into the home of your soul. 
By you making your abuses and tortures your own. You are accepting of those unwanted and unasked for actions done to you. All that has ever been done to you. Was always because of those who had done those bad and terrible things to you. You were not ever at fault. Nor were you ever deserving of those bad and terrible things done to you. 
Those persons who had done those bad and sad things to you. Would not have had any remorse or guilt if you had died. They would have felt great fear of getting into trouble. There is a distinction. maybe, they would have felt bad that you died. Because, now they have no one to endure their own internal wrath and hatred of life. In which your represented the hope of a good life. You still do. But, now for yourself and for the family you can now create without any abuse or tortures to be endured.
How is it again? That you are victorious when you don't feel victorious. It is always like that after any great battle. The ugliness still fresh in your mind. But, right now is that key time in your life. You do not need or you should not want to blame yourself or to even own those memories. You are not to blame. no matter how many thousands of time you were made to be the blame. By keeping and holding onto those memories will block the creation of you choosing to make good and peaceful memories full of love, happiness and joy. 
So, put all of your bad and sad memories into the trash and put the trash to the curb. Just think about that for a moment. All that we have ever used is placed into the trash and remembered no more. Do you still think about the trash you threw away? ever?
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