Monday, September 21, 2015

Wrath Judgement 1and2: (Unedited): 21 Sept 2015:

Those who do everything within their power to force God into showing himself. May just get exactly what they want. Plus wrath and judgement.
Those who force Gods hand through purposeful wickedness. Shall receive their just rewards in full abundance of wrath and judgement.
All of humanity is supposed to be the caretakers of this planet. And yet in the midst of our apparent failure. Everyone who is in a position of  religious leadership. Wants God to return. This is HIS vineyard in which we were supposed to honor and respect. He sent His son and only heir to us and we all murdered Him. Yet, in this modern age. We all seem to want Him to Come back. He came as a lamb and shall return as a lion. Really, Have you met a lion? ever. Up close live and personal? How is this a good idea? Especially, when we all have failed and are about to begin our own extinction through absolute war? You know LOVE and PEACE, everyone. Love and peace.
I do not want the return of the Messiah. Not when we are all collectively failing. Now, if the worlds leaders can get off of their own self created "Crazy Train" and bring the whole world together as one singular family as we all are. While putting out the information that the races of humanity is a complete lie. Erasing all lies.
Then when all of humanity has begun to live in accordance to this partial logical formula. LIFE=LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY,LAW.
Then we can welcome the coming of the Messiah as a celebration and victory. That is my hope. This is my unlikely prophecy for the whole world. So that we all can have a life worth living. No matter where you are or who you were born to. Even if your orphaned, adopted and/or fostered.
Just so you know. Just because, I have a song listed any where. Doesn't mean I like it or love it. The artist known as Ozzy Osborne I find offensive and is likely a demonic person. This is his Crazy Train lyrics. Something so profound and from a demonic source. Even from the demonic we all can learn the message. I have also used this in another blog. I have no idea where it is now. I believe it is an inspired use of this song. This song used here is not for your enjoyment or entertainment.
I do believe all of the worlds leaders. Which include political, religious, social and cultural leaders have already or is getting aboard the "Crazy Train".  It is yours, ours and my choice to not to get on that "Crazy Train". There is only one final stop for this crazy train and it will be at full speed ahead. Into all of our extinction. 
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