Saturday, September 12, 2015

Peaceful Presence: Attacker Brutality: (Unedited): 12 Sept 2015:

By becoming a peaceful presence. Anger management classes shall be unnecessary.
The prophetic red horse shall ride and is most likely riding throughout the whole world right now. This can be easy to see and yet most people are blindly aware. Even those persons who are actively looking for the prophetic red horse. I cannot see, hear or am even aware of the prophetic red horse. But, the effects of after the prophetic red horse has ridden by can be easy to see. When you see people who think they have no other choice but to physically attack another person. The popularity of the UFC is evident within the world as other mixed martial art fighting organizations have been founded since the beginning of the UFC. Even in these fights. Those who do the fighting seem to be empty in substance while being extremely gifted in their own unique style of hand to hand combat. What I mean by this is the wisdom and understanding that was once associated within any martial arts style seems to have faded away into nothingness. All that is left is brutality in and out of the ring. The showmanship of disrespect. The thrill of physical destruction to a person.
People are just attacking and murdering police officers and police officers are becoming judges, juries and executioners. An effect of the riding of the red horse is the absent of fair blind justice for all. Judges shall be in favor of all things which do not promote life or peace.
Politicians shall also be promoters of all things which are anti- life, anti-peace, anti- harmony, anti-life, and anti-God.
It seems the prophetic red horse is riding from the top down throughout all of societies, cultures and religions. Starting with the world leaders and ending with the common everyday person. I read a story where a group of adults just attacked an on duty life guard for no apparent reason. Other than to be just cruel. Even the news said, this has never been seen before. Who just attacks a person whose profession it is to save lives. Really?!?!?!. I could go on with examples. But, you know what I mean. Just check your own odd news and see for yourself.
The insanity of having no peace will resound within everyone who is not secure in the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God. This shall include those who are merely religious, socially religious, the entertained religious an event the going to church a few times a year religious. This will even include those who pretend to be righteous through all of their volunteering and church related leadership activities. What is worse is just as those who knew not Gods actions against them. Shall not even be aware that peace is gone or was ever even an option or a reasonable choice.
If you have read my writings on the logical formula of Life. Which I represent inaccurately as
Life =Law, Love, Peace and Harmony. The absence of peace. Means Life cannot thrive or even exist. With an absence of peace all life begins to die. Thus just the absence of peace creates a vacuum in which negativity will just be sucked in. The opposite of peace is conflict. For instance. The growth and acceptance of road rage. Even though there are laws against road rage. It seems to be more common place now. Or the recently new practice of walking up behind someone and just beating them and kicking them. This usually happens to those who were already feeble or of the defenseless type of persons. While video tapping it all and laughing.
Attacker Brutality: (Unedited): 12 Sept 2015:
The thrill of watching brutality or even helpless brutality causes you to become the attacker. 
It used to be where there was mutual combat amongst men. That when one could no longer defend himself. The fight stopped. Now, you cause permanent injury or death. In order to prevent retaliation/revenge from the one who lost the fight. This shall evolve and already has into family friends shall retaliate on your behalf and in your memory. No longer shall the police be effective. No longer shall anyone cooperate with the police. In the absence of justice. There shall be vigilantism at every level. In the sweet and intoxicating red dust of the prophetic red horse. All shall kill one another. The strong against the weak. The law against the lawless. The evil against the religious. And Vice Versa.
Added on 16 Sept 2015:
But how do you overcome the Prophetic Red Horse?
If you feel you still have the ability to freely choose between love and hate, law and lawlessness, peace and war, harmony and chaos. Then you must seek internally righteousness and holiness as God expects from us all. Without any disobedience or negotiations on your part. If you have read my writings then you already know. Those purple words. Then go forth without me and drink up the ancient Holy Texts. Thirst for the quenching waters of God. Become satiated by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Pray, mediate and contemplate all that is from God, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. This may be your only hope. But, then again. In Christian prophecy the Christian loses.
The evidence of the red horse riding amongst humanity is seen in the actions of the worlds leaders. They do not desire or even talk about peace, friendship or even mutual respect anymore. What seems to be of supreme importance are the business relationships. Even those seem to be in a fluid state of constant negotiation.
Through the business international contracts and international law. They all build of their military forces through propaganda training and equipment modernization. Can you see the world leaders as well as some religious leaders can only thirst for war and conflict. Their collective free will is gone and none of the worlds leaders are even aware of it. They each only know. They must prepare and plan for war.
If you knew that China was building their war machine from every American dollar. Would you ever buy anything Chinese again?
If you knew that China is planning and preparing for war with the USA. Would you continue to buy Chinese made products?
If you knew that China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and some Central American countries and some South American Countries were all aligned against the USA. Would you even agree to participate in any business arrangement with any of them?
And yet how do I know your free will even to shop at Wal-Mart or Costco plus anyone else who sells Chinese made goods has already been taken away from you. Because, these words are true. The red horse rides and everyone is completely oblivious.
The red horse causes everyone to do their part. When peace has been taken away. Yes, in the early stages of when the free choice of peace has been removed. The people must all make the implements of war and those mothers send their children for war training. Even the games our children play are war. The desire for peace has been taken away as even the children play cruel blood thirsty games. Can you see the Red Horse has already rode through even your own home and family. You have no choice but for warfare, death, destruction and finally extinction. Remember this as you go to church and even your preacher teacher celebrates the soldier children and soldier supported families. Even they know not the red horse has cursed them all with blood thirsty warfare.
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