Sunday, September 13, 2015

Freedom Wanted: (Edited): 13 Sept 2015:

The first flights of freedom are both exhilarating and fearful.
This originates from the deepest need to survive from within and expresses itself with a physical outburst of utmost uncertainty. 
Deep and lost within the emptiness of darkness was I found and not discovered. 
No light emanated from me. The light was all around, through me and within me. I felt fearfully discovered and not harmed in any way. This is the gentlest of loving embraces anyone could ever experience.
Pulled out, pulled in, reached for and seeked out. I was wanted, loved and cared for. 
Edited by: R.L. Dell
No matter how your enslavement is defined or to what degree of enslavement you dwell. Your freedom comes from within your decision. Your decision to flee. Your decision to remain motionless. Your decision to refuse. In those brief moments. You are free.  Even if the outcome is your death. You shall become more free then you could ever be from within the confines of your own mind. Assuming you have freely chosen to be righteous and holy as seen by only God.

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