Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Piece Peace: Either Peace: (Unedited): 08 Sept 2015:

Peace is a piece of you. If peace is not within you. Then you shall not have any peace. No matter how much you wish or pray for Peace.
Either Peace: (Unedited): 08 Sept 2015: 
Peace can either be present within you, Absent from you or replaced with conflict into you. 
Any person who has become enraged has not a piece of peace within them. As peace becomes absent from within you. This empty space where peace logically resided may become conflict/war.
A piece called peace is just one but many psychological elements within your being. They are all arranged logically within you. Much like a mathematical formula. Even though I do not know of the exact arrangement and you may not know either. It is still so. Just like how many of us can automatically use multiple forms of math in time to run and catch a ball or to swing a bat to hit a ball or to shoot a ball into a high hoop as in basketball or to hit a tiny white ball into a little cup many hundreds of meters away. There is a lot of math involved. Even though you or I cannot and are not even aware of the complexities of moving our bodies to do a thing in a timely manor. We can still do it. Some of you may have even failed general math and yet can do some very athletic feats. How can this be? I have no idea.
This is directly related to those psychological elements within all of us. To each of us those psychological elements are in varying degrees. I've written these formulas before.
Life= Law, Love, Peace, Harmony.
Death= Lawlessness, Hate, Conflict/war, Chaos.
These are the basic and most fundamental of elements within each of us. There are many more of these elements but of lesser importance than these listed. All of the positive elements would be assigned within the Life grouping. While all of the negative elements would be assigned to the Death grouping.
Please forgive me with my improper math terminology. As I'm one of those who has failed general math in their youth. This is just the best I can do. So please forgive me. If you exactly see this. Then it may be for you to explain it better than I can. I hope you do. Then i can learn from you. Kewl.
If God can completely erase/delete the common language of all of the surviving people of the great flood. These are those same disobedient people who tried to build the Tower of babel Then God separating them all into their own groupings and put/downloaded into them new and different languages. Thus confusing them all from one to another. Thus most likely the beginning of the racism lies. (This is not about racism).
Then God caused either total insanity or actually altered the DNA of King Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel into some kind of bird type creature for 7 years. I think it was both. Not an either or.
God can also take a persons will or free choice away. This is usually a part of the individuals judgement. For instance. The man god pharaoh who refused to listen to Moses. God purposefully hardened the heart of pharaoh a couple of times. To ensure that all in Egypt would know that the Lord destroyed them all. Can you imagine that. That God can alter your mind without you ever being aware.
Those are 3 examples of how can can do his will and alter anyone as He sees fit.
If God can do all of these things and more as listed above. Then what is one way that God can take peace away from the Earth. One way is by removing the concept or the ability to choose peace within each human being. As a judgement for all of humanity who when most of us had free will and we still choose conflict or war or argument. So God sends his Red Horse to take away peace. Thus it is humanity who does all of the war, fighting, killing and murder. This is because humanity can do nothing else but to fight, war, conflict, kill, murder.
This should all begin with the worlds leaders. You shall begin to see how they all thirst for war and conquest. Peace will not be within them. This will be easy to see from their actions and through their plans. Do the research for yourself. Which leaders of which nations are preparing for war by building war machines and up grading their war machines? Eventually, They will all decide that they must fight or be destroyed themselves. The question will be who will jump the gun first. If the red horse has or is riding now. The worlds leaders will be the first to lose their ability to exercise free will in regards to peace or war. They will only see war with no option for peace. This will be a lie they tell themselves and everyone else. For peace is not within them and has been removed. So none of they can choose peace. There shall only be war, death and destruction. Until all life is about to become extinct on this planet. Up until this point of all of my writing. I have always pushed for the hope of peace. That if everyone would just follow the formula in purple by their own free will. Life= Law, Love, Peace, Harmony. Not because they have to but because it is the right and most true thing to do. Not because of any fears, threats or intimidation's. But because we all want a life worth living. Freedom is restrictive and not all encompassing. You cannot expect a positive life by always thinking negative. You cannot have any life when your whole thinking process is in the formula for death. You cannot expect a healthy life when you do drugs, drink and have an immoral sex life. You cannot expect to have a free life when your always breaking the laws. Having a happy life means you do not create drama or become entangled within it.
So what can you do? Get right with God and heed his direct instructions to you. Know that if you do become a devout follower, you become righteous and holy as seen by only God. Then you will most likely become martyred. So let your call for God be upon your last breath. This is prophecy.
Avoid any and all religions and churches who have become absent of the Laws of God. For you to even be a member of such a religion or church. Makes you in agreement of those sins in which they have brought into their holy places. What is that called in prophecy? Abomination of Desolation

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