Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Death Peace: (Unedited): 08 Sept 2015:

Death and despair rise up when when peace is being taken away.
Do the research for yourself. How many countries are now preparing for war? Yes, there is still mostly peace in this world of humans. But, you won't say the same thing in less than 10 years. Maybe, even less if the USA feels that their military will become antiquated by the combined Russian, India, North Korea and Chinese newly modernized forces. Maybe, the USA will strike first? Maybe Russia, China and North Korea will strike before the USA will certainly strike? Will they directly strike the 48 with EMP's weapons. Will the majority of Muslims pile on and begin the American style Tet Offensive?
IS the USA attacking China with some kind of weapon system, 4 times? Did China retaliate by planting an obvious bomb at a US Army Ammunition depot in Japan? Will these actions escalate?
Is our US government the worlds bad guys? Is the US government starting and maintaining conflicts around the world? Are the Americans the bad guys? Even if the entire American civilian population is completely unaware?
Added on 08 Nov 2015: 
A Us Navy Missile test over California at night has occurred.
This is unheard of.
Why would anyone in the military or government cause a possible panic and risk lives of American civilians with a possible failure of a rocket? You just don't do that. Unless a fundamental change over the importance of civilian Americans is no longer of any significance.  Of course none of that happened. Some body is insane in the US government and military.
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