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Under God's Authority: (Unedited): 05 Sept 2015:

This is for those who have been gifted with the ability to write. Since, it is obvious that I'm not gifted in the perfect speech. Which is accepted by everyone who has been educated. 
This is a Christian sign for prophecy.
The prophetic era of Christian persecution has begun with Mrs. Kim Davis. Can you stay in Jail for 18 moths over your faith? Can you stand and face all of your sins from your recent past or even in your current state of being? This is what Mrs. Kim Davis is doing. None of the traditional media outlets have supported her in any way. The Republican politicians have declared their support of this democrat. While the democrats including President Obama have denounced her. This also includes Hilary Clinton.
The evidence of faith which seems obvious may very well make her one of the chosen remnant of God. Which means all of those other professing by only mouth Christians shall be those who God may say to them. "I never knew you". It is not for me to say. It is only for God to choose who is to be a remnant and who is not. This includes me.
Mrs. Kim Davis may be the first who shall be martyred. Can you say for certain that she will not be? Can you say that she will not ever see her freedom? She probably will. But it is evident that the evil U.S. District Conservative Judge David Bunning has put to jail an innocent woman. In which the evil politicians had made laws of man to be superior to the laws of God. This District Judge is at the very least a Pontius Pilate. I'm not stating nor am I implying that Mrs. Kim Davis is a Jesus Christ. Mrs. Kim Davis, may very well lose everything over this.Since even one news story has even declared that she cannot use Go Fund Me website for support.
In order to be a Conservative Republican like this District Judge David Bunning. Do you have to be a Christian? If this District Judge is any way a professing Christian. His lies are now seen through his actions against this woman. How can any person who is a Judge. Make their decision before any evidence is heard or seen? Did this Judge make his decision before court even began. It can be assumed he had as the deputies and the jailers were already present. If this District Judge is a professing Christian how can he honor or even obey any law which is against the laws of his God? or should I say which god?
Mrs. Kim Davis and her imprisonment can be compared symbolically to other persons who were to be disciplined, punished and killed. I'm not implying that Mrs. Kim Davis will be killed.But, when you are surrounded by evil persons. The jail guards cannot protect anyone and cannot guarantee anyone's safety or well being.
Any law which has been established by any man. Which replaces, Denies or rejects any Law of God. Is not a righteous or truthful law. Nor is it a law which should be honored or obeyed by any righteous person. Even to the death of that righteous person.  To those men and women who agree upon and obey these laws. Even if you do not agree with the laws but still honor them to keep your employment. It is them who can now be easily seen and known to be of genuine evil. This includes any professed Christian who holds any office or works in any place who must obey any anti-godly law written and agreed upon by human beings.
Is it judging to say to a murderer that he is bad and what they do is bad? You can say the same thing about anyone who commits crime. It is a crime of God for anyone to honor, accept, obey any anti-God laws or regulations.
Sinners or LGBT persons pretend to be nice, kind, compassionate and merciful. So that you will think a good feeling lie about them. Many LGBT persons are symbolic murders. They are actively murdering their own family names and in the end their genetic lineage of their family. Yet, These symbolic murderers are being accepted into churches and celebrated. They have no intention of converting to Christianity in any way. These LGBT persons are spies for the evil ones.When your at war. Your spies are necessary to gather intelligence about your enemies. Do not think for an instant that this is not a war. For the god of this Earth wants all of humanity to become extinct. This is satans end game. By any means necessary he will do as he thinks he will. satan is the one who leads all of the LGBT community. It matters not if the LGBT person is politically active or not.
So if satan is the leader of all LGBT persons and LGBT persons are welcomed in your church to hold any official church position and they have no intention of ceasing their LGBT lifestyle. Then you and your whole church is of satan. satan is your god. When your are singing those popular non specific Christian songs. Know that you are singing and worshiping satan.
What is happening to Mrs. Kim Davis is only the beginning. As it is evident that the few who are in protest shall be ineffective. It is apparent that there are very few genuine Christians of real substance in Rowan County Kentucky. There are also to few Christians of merit in the whole state of Kentucky. With Kentucky a part of the famed southern Bible Belt. It is also evident that there are to few genuine born again Christians. Just pretenders who are merely associated with the Christian entertainment fan base as well as those who are members of their local christian social club.
There is very little real news about Kim Davis and any news is primarily related to the effects upon the LGBT community. The news also attacks Mrs. Kim as well. Revealing all of her sins prior to her becoming a Christian.
This is prophecy. The LGBT community shall be victorious over all Christians. To the degree that Christian persecution shall involve all manor of jail, loss of employment, abuses, tortures and death.
The entire Christian population must put a stop to this right now or face starvation, homelessness and death.
After the events of Mrs. Kim Davis. The atrocities which shall follow against the entire Christian community. Shall not be heard or seen on any mainstream media outlet. The true devout and righteous ones of God shall be exterminated and none in the general Christian community will care to even know. So as long as they can happily sing and enjoy the entertainment for a couple of hours a week.
In order to be a Christian. This is after you have made the proclamations and have been baptized. You are to go forth in your life to begin to live it righteously and godly as is taught within the Holy Bible. This is by your own free choice. All without fears, threats or intimidation's. You go forth and outwardly exercise all manor of mercy, compassion, kindness, fairness. Not because, you have to but because you want to. Not because your forced to or even expected to but because it is truly the right and most truthful things to do.
Yet, today it seems the gay sons and lesbian daughters show more love and compassion to their sick and dying family members than do the Christian. Even to friends do they support more than a Christian. I've seen it. I've experienced it.
Just because, I post a news article does not mean I'm in agreement with any of them. 
The ugliness of the news media. This is not politics. This is purely about what is right and wrong. This is about how the government is wrong with the passing of evil laws.
In order to turn this entire country around. Every political office must have righteous persons in those seats. I think it is to late. The USA is lost. The USA was a republic which became democratic and is now an Oligarchy. The USA is no longer of the people, for the people and by the people.
Steve McDonald "By Law"
Added on 07 Aug 2015:
A woman who has not committed a real crime. Unless if you call going against the political will a crime. Has not been offered the ability to make bail. Either way the precedent will translate nationally for anyone who commits political related crimes. Their are now laws against your conscience. How about that for a loss of freedom. In which you can be imprisoned for an indefinite amount of time. If you are big in investments. Invest in the corporate prison systems. They now have a new revenue source. Devout Christians shall all go to jail because of conscience. Don't expect to make big money. Apparently there is only a remnant of true and faithful Christians who have not been deceived. The rest of Christianity just doesn't care. This is all prophecy. A heartless Christian body which allows an innocent person to rot in jail.
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Enslaved Extinction: (Unedited): 11 Sept 2015:
Absolute freedoms begets total enslavement. Which leads to over all extinction.
Death Parent: (unedited): 15 Sept 2015: 
As death embraces the older parent. They shall gaze into the eyes of their LGBT children and know this is the one who murdered all of me.
You cannot and will not have any sort of freedom without a self controlled restraint. Free love, like free drugs and free liquor. Ends in the loss of family, freedom, health and welfare. Unnatural sex harms both persons physically, mentally and spiritually. Just as a man or a religious man viewing porn is said he only harms himself. This is the lie. The viewing of porn harms the persons involved in the sex acts being viewed. The viewing of porn harms the wife even though she is or may not be directly or indirectly involved. The viewing of porn harms the children. You must see this truth.
The eventual destruction of the family through sins continuation. So the LGBT life style destroys the whole natural family. As a matter of fact. The LGBT Life style murders the family. The LGBT person has often times separated and isolated themselves from their own family. Only to return as the pretended loving son or daughter who wants to become the last person their dying parent ever sees or think. I have seen this happen many times and have myself been caused to think how nice and loving these LGBT persons are. Especially, if the person dying has minimal or no people to express their love in those last days. The LGBT person may think to themselves that what they are doing is a good thing. But what they are actually doing whether they think of it or not. Is witnessing the extinction of their family name and genetic line. This is worse than a person who just murders you and tries to escape. The Punisher in the movie is satan in our lives. Satan manipulates all of us for our total destruction and extinction. Those of have not the one true God will be influenced, controlled and manipulated by satan. To the point that satan will look through your eyes in the final moments of your parents death. just to witness the final extinction of your family name and  genetic lineage. This is what the end result is to be LGBT.
As I've written about in prophecy. The LGBT will be victorious in all that they are to accomplish within this world. Until the coming of God. This is because of the do nothingness of all Christians. The LGBT will win. They will successfully criminalize all of Christianity. They will create a rightful tradition of abuse, torture and the murder of any Christian they see fit. All without any investigation, judgement or prison time. Of course it is not yet. But, it will be. Assuming that Christian on the whole do not put an absolute stop to the LGBT insanity or mental illness which will infect everyone. Mrs. Kim Davis is the first. Unless she does as ordered by the court and marries any and all LGBT persons. Then we all will know that God has been effectively removed from the Bible Belt. This is Prophecy.
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