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Silent Prophets: Judgement Occurred: Unbearable Silence: (Edited): 09 Oct 2015:

The prophets of God who become silent in the midst of turmoil are an indication that prophecies are no longer needed. As the hearts of all men have become hardened and the minds of all men have become bull-headed, the fate humanity has chosen for itself shall manifest. Death, Destruction, Disaster, Disease.
Judgement Occurred: (Unedited): 09 Oct 2015:
The silence of God and of His angels shall be assumed by His chosen prophets that Judgement has already occurred.
Unbearable Silence: (Unedited): 09 Oct 2015: 
The silence of God and of His angels shall be unbearable to his chosen prophets. 
Because, after judgement has already been decided, what more can be said by the Holy Judge? Especially, to those who have already hardened their own hearts and have become bullheaded in their own minds.
Added on 16 Oct 2015: This section unedited.
I was just watching informed christians on YouTube. I have only recently subscribed. Have you ever had that aha moment? I do all of the time. Even though I write poorly. There are many times I write and have no clue what any of it means. Such as the above content. Wait a minute I gotta go read it again. Scroll up time. I'm back. Christians basically teach. You will be judged upon your death. That is loosely taught. But, that is not necessarily true. maybe, this is a steep learning curve for me as I have never really considered the when of Judgement and have always assumed that upon my death. I shall be judged.
But, in real life and in real Israeli and world history according to the Holy Bible. Judgement always preceded Death of anyone, any city, any nation and any people. The cause has always been disobedience to the Laws of God. PERIOD. The judgement of God can happen at any time before your physical death. Just look at all of the old testament kings who were judged for their disobedience. Nebuchadnezzar DNA was apparently altered in a living judgement by God. Especially, after he declared (My Paraphrase)"I did This" with great pride and arrogance. Research and go read for yourself. (Hint. It has only been recently that we can apply some kind of rudimentary scientific understanding to this. Did God cause the arrogant king to become an insane mutant bird man for a time? can you imagine that? and then God caused the poor king to revert back to normal. This living Judgement of God was for a great and prideful king. What kind of living judgement would God apply to the common person? What about the perpetual disobedient person. Would God disallow freedom of change to a good and obedient person? I think so but I'm not God nor am I His agent to tell Him what he can and cannot do. I see people who are incapable of change all of the time and yet they cannot fathom why their life is so awful. I see it like that human god pharaoh during the time of Moses. God told Moses that he was going to prevent the living human god Pharaoh to relent. Go check it out. No hints this time and don't believe me. Go look. How many times?

 In the time of Noah. Only 8 adults survived out of all of the human beings. Including all of those human babies, cute kitties and adorable puppies. All of which you would have declared was worth saving of all of those innocent lives. There may have been up to 1 billion people on the planet. Yes, I know that number can be argued. The point is the God defined remnant which was saved was 8 out of how ever many humans were on the planet at that time. Today, There are more than 7 billion human beings on this planet. In which the prophecies in the Holy Bible states that a remnant will be saved. Assuming correct interpretation. As it was during the time of Jesus. Those who knew the prophecies of the coming Messiah were confounded. I believe yet again. The modern day theologian will also be confounded at the prophetic event to yet come.

Are we in the time of Noah? Well there is still argument on that. I'm in the boat for that argument. The one last thing which will prove that we are truly in the times of Noah is the return of the fallen angels into the consciousness of every common person on this planet. The Bible says as it was in the time of Noah. So to ...  The one thing we all forget is the fallen angels were openly amongst all of humanity. They were having their encounters with human women. The rest I will leave for you to read in Genesis as well as Enoch.
So what do we know about all of the seals in the Christian prophecies. A whole lot of people are gonna die in a very short period of time. Can you say for certain just how God is gonna define remnant yet again? If you do the math in the Bible. You will come up with immediate effect on life lost. The Bible does not include what life is lost after each event. In which more life can be lost after each event then during each event. We do know that God must intervene in order to prevent extinction.  
Note: I do not believe that the book of Enoch should be included in the Holy Bible. It should stand alone and thoroughly questioned. As it is now. By those who are way smarter than me.
This where I was flooded with Judgement. (Get it). Thank you for your inspirations and understanding of the quotes I've written.
3 Hours of Enoch

To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish life. To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
Edited By: R.L.Dell
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