Monday, November 9, 2015

Evil State: (Unedited): 09 Nov 2015:

It is a natural state of all that is evil. To destroy all that is good. All without any cause, reason or justification. 
Evil always follows the formula in degrees. Until, evil decides to go all in.  Evil is patient and wise in the manor of evil ways. Yes, There is evil wisdom, evil knowledge and evil understanding. It is all perfectly contrary to any good teachings.
The evil formula is as follows: 
That which is evil will slowly confuse, corrupt and contaminate that which is purely good. Until, such a point arises. Where evil is preferred and is considered good. There is no difference between good and evil. Then when there are not enough good people to reject this kind of insanity. The extinction process can then begin. When it does those leaders of the world. Religious, cultural, racial, political and military leaders of the world will all smile and become cheerful at their coming demise. Yes, even they shall be confused when the gods they worship begin to even devour them too in a blood letting frenzy. I bet you thought and still think you could trust those gods. Yes, those gods who are just far superior to any human being. It would be natural for us to prostrate in front of them all. But, we were made TO BE over them. Not today but eventually. If we do not become extinct before we evolve to that point.
This is NOT prophecy. It is just the way evil is. 
NOTE: "TO BE" over them is meant to be in regards to humbleness, righteousness, holiness. No as superior rulers to be worshiped, honored. we are not to become masters or slave owners over any one or any creature. We are to become the simple farmer, caretaker, carpenter.
Yahshua came as a humble lamb and served humanity. We are supposed to follow his lead into the whole of the universe.
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