Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wise Storm: (Edited): 09 Nov 2015:

The wise always seem to know which winds precede a severe storm. The wise always seem to make their final preparations to weather out the coming storm. The foolish begin their preparations once engulfed by the storm.
What is the definition of a storm? Is it only a natural weather formation which causes much death and destruction? Can a storm symbolize something more, like a serious illness or severe accident? Can a storm be your helplessness in regard to addictions, mental illness, joblessness, homelessness, or a combination of many different things?
The governments of the world are going to war and the civilian population isn't even aware. Wouldn't that be a surprise storm to be weathered. It wouldn't really matter who is the accused and guilty parties because it is you the civilian who will suffer the most while your politicians are safely tucked away in their COG (Continuation of Government) shelters being served by their pre-selected servants.
For the wise already know that no one is gonna provide for their needs in any emergency. While the foolish will angrily demand absolute support, help, medical care, housing and other aid.
The wise always seem to know ahead of time. They do as they do and are accused of being foolish by the worldly wise people. In the days of Noah when the flood waters rose and fell at the same time, the worldly wise were desperate in their sudden realization that they were wrong. In anger and hatred they all died but the 8 adults. This included every single ?human? child.
You doomsday preppers and survivalists, it is time to begin your final preparations or the completion of preps in the works. Look ahead at new preps which involve other like-minded persons, groups. Begin development with other outside groups. Create code words or signs which are similar to any other group. Code words or signs which indicate peace, danger, welcome, sickness, death, invasion and help, plus others. Then when travel becomes necessary after the storm, friends can read your signs or flags and know whether or not to come closer. After any serious storms a new date system should be established, like year 1 of 1000. But even the date may need to be altered, for after everything has been done no one can, nor will anyone have the will to, fight anymore.
Added on 11 Nov 2015:
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