Thursday, November 12, 2015

High Q: HighQ Haiku: (Edited): 09 Nov 2015:

Those who respect the job or mission while maintaining high Q's (Quality, Quantity, Qualified, Quintessential) shall be continuously accused by the insufficient for all of their ill perceived professional woes.
High Q Haiku: (Edited): 12 Nov 2015:
Maintain your mission
Quality and quantity,
Despite others' spite.
Those who are insufficient at work shall always blame the person who maintains their Q's mostly above and beyond what the bosses' desire as well as under budget. This continuous and unrelenting effort by a singular person amongst slow paced workers does create much hostility in one direction. That direction will be from the many toward the one. While the one will most likely be oblivious to the whining complaints of the many, the bosses need to be aware of that one singular sign, which is the many all at once complaining to the bosses while the one is silent. The many will look very bad if the one hard, efficient and smart worker remains employed. If the bosses offer a deaf ear to the complaints of the many, then the many will most likely begin to terrorize the one through sabotage of equipment that one person uses and sabotage of final products, jobs and missions. Also through subtle means will the many terrorize the one - through social exclusion of all kinds, through the spread of never ending rumors that the one will not hear anything about - until the point comes when no one will want to work with the one person any longer.
I tell you this truth: it is better for the bosses to rid themselves of the many instead of the one. If the bosses allow this kind of professional terrorism, sabotage and social ridicule to continue, then those immediate bosses need to be released from their own duties, to be followed by the release of the offending many.
In anything and everything you do, you should want to maintain the 4 Q's because you want to, not because you have to. The Quality of your work should always be easily seen and Quickly known by all. The Quantity of your work should be of a sufficient number as to tell those you are a smart, efficient and hard worker. You should always be Qualified above the minimum tested standards for general acceptance. You should have the desire to be a part of a Quintessential team.that also desires to maintain the Q's.
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