Saturday, November 14, 2015

Willful Obedience: (Unedited): 14 NOv 2015:

Willful disobedience leads to a life bound in hell. While willful obedience can lead to a free life of enlightened righteousness. 
 Both obedience and disobedience end results contain a light. One light makes you an enslaved captive wanting for death. The other is a light which offers purity of righteous freedom and a respect for a free life of holiness.
There seems to be always much talk about how the prophecy of the abomination of desolation is related. Everyone seems to reference this end time event to a temple in Israel. This may very well be so.
But, It is related to everyone on a more personal level. Just as Yahshua proclaimed to the priests "Destroy this Temple and in three days I WILL raise it up." Do you think they were scoffing in response? Who were the scoffers?
So from this can we say that a temple or a holy place is made of flesh and bone? Can a temple or holy place be of brick or stone, fabric or wood, be of a great or small place? Yes, of course it can be. Those who have a genuine history of a continuous prayer life. Do you not feel the presence of the Lord wherever it is you may pray and meditate? Does it really matter the place more so than the condition of you? Do you not think if you were deep in the valley of shadows and death? The Lord is still with you? Do you not think if you were in prison or lost alone in some terrible place. The Lords is still with you? So just by reasonable thought. The condition of your whole temple or holy place. Though no where near in any equality to Yahshua. Is of greater importance than the place. The condition of your spirit, mind and body when they are all willfully attuned to God. Through your freely chosen willful obedience to the Word. Which is whom?
So what can we see in the prophetic signs in regards to the Abomination of desolation? 
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