Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Less: (Unedited): 15 Nov 2015:

Holy Spirit
Please permanently permeate my whole being.
Until, I become less than.
Pride, arrogance and ego. Is something I fight/struggle with always. I guess we all do.  It seems we must fight/struggle to not be something or to become something else. That is where we always fail is when we force ourselves to fight/struggle.
To overcome.
To conquer.
To defeat.
To be victorious.
To become more than we are.
To become greater or superior.
To achieve or to gain more. 
It seems we never consider just to stop. To just cease doing. That is where this key message resides. The victory over ourselves and undesirable traits and all definition of sin is within the nothing. But, even in doing nothing. There shall be something which you may discover in your time or in the time in which God has chosen for you.
By simply beginning a prayer, meditative life. begins a process of doing nothing. Your prayer life is your focus on those things which are of God. Your meditative life is your beginning on controlling your thoughts, focusing on those things which are godly and righteous. By remaining motionless. You are not causing or perpetuating any harm in the world.
When you journey from here to anywhere. Just refuse to speak any negativity. just refuse to do anything wrong, sinful or evil. Become a singular cause of not doing anything harmful.
No matter your religion of faith. If your religious leaders primary tenant is based in either love, Peace, harmony, life, law or all of the above. Then expresses the opposite or gives celebrated permission for you to/or cause hate, war, chaos, death, lawlessness or all of the above in the name of God. Then you need to reasonably deduce within yourself. That this man or those religious leaders are evil. Plain and simple. Even though you may like them, love them and respect them. They are still evil and you have been deceived.
If in your religion you have the Laws of God. They should all be absolutely honored by your own free choice. If in that religion you are taught to disregard certain laws of God. Know that they are all evil and you remaining within that church or religion is against God.
If Apple Corp. created a device or app for their prideful and arrogant users it would be called
Apple "i Less".
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