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Body Count: (Unedited): 15 Now 2015:

This is very disturbing for me to write this way. I have on purpose waited to see if the emotion would wear off. Before posting.
The evolution of Islamic attacks has occurred. As in any war. When talking has already become useless. When Twitter and Facebook support means nothing. All that which is left in war. War means to cause the most death, destruction and disease as possible. Are you ready and are willing to kill them all? Can you even go down or De-evolve yourself to that thinking process of killing them all. Which means all men, all women and all children. Because, if you cannot. Your extinction is assured. They all of Islam have identified you as the enemy and it matters not if you even think of Islam as an enemy. Islam already has proclaimed you as their enemy and they are already conducting active warfare against YOU. Killing every man, every woman and every child. Any who is Christian or Western. This is a continuation of the Catholic Crusades from Europe into Israel and the Middle East. Now it is their turn to attack and invade. It matters not what faith or non faith you are. The jihadist will destroy you. But, before they do. If they have the opportunity to do terrible and tortuous things unto you. They shall.
This is all developing to force everyone into a situation. Where killing is the only option. Remember those purple words i write?
The evolution of jihadist attacks. Involves the merging of standard American fighting practice as taught to them by the American military by order of the elected politicians. So now they march as an invasion force under a flag of mercy, compassion and love. The Islamic Jihadist are using these seen weaknesses. The destruction of Europe, The Americas, Russia and China. The whole of this world is their proclaimed land. You, we and me are a disease which must be exterminated. Even if your of their soon to be ascribed wrong race. You will also die and those of your color will also be exterminated. Right now you are just a submitting pawn. Once the pawn is no longer of tactical use. You The Pawn will be sacrificed for a greater Islam which does not involve your kind of lesser people. It won't matter if your a white pawn or a black pawn.
Now is where the numbers only count. In military terms. Your one soldier must make the maximum numbers of casualties. The body count is now of supreme importance to the Islamic Jihadist. With the 13 Nov 2015 France attacks. The current ratio is 16 civilian deaths to 1 for the Islamic Jihadist soldier.
It is becoming obvious that the European politicians no longer support or even care about their common civilian people whom they rule over. If any of them even think for a second that they will personally survive this Islamic invasion. Those Islamic Jihadist will have great joy the day when those politicians blood freely flow into the soil. This includes every Catholic all the way up to the Pope. This will include every family member of every ruling family of every European nation.
Here is something else to consider. It seems most intelligence services predict that up to 25% of all of Islam are Jihadist who deeply desire for all infidels to die and their ways of life to be destroyed. This includes those people who are deemed less than human. Including the history and artifacts destroyed.. This number shall surprisingly rise to 90+%. Psychologically speaking. People know the correct answer that the person asking the question wants to hear even though it is not their right answer. How do you think Insane and thieving people get jobs? They lie on the tests and hide or omit the truth.
So now most of the European civilian population are defenseless or have minimal fighting skills. They will be helpless. The police and military will be easily overwhelmed. Because, They will be ordered to be nice and compassionate. They will be ordered to negotiate with the refugees who only want them dead and completely destroyed. The police and military's only option is to kill them all. That is why these Islamic Jihadist are in Europe. To either destroy all that you are or to be killed. Either way in their own minds. They will win and are willing (Resolve). Can you?
Can you imagine any or all news sources showing the police or military personnel just mowing down the apparent defenseless Jihadist refugees. Even though they are an invasion force. Watch and wait. They will demand food, housing, money and medical care. Then when the financial strain is to much for the economy. They Islamic enemy forces who have used love, compassion and mercy as weapons. Will violently revolt against the civilian population.
In the USA. The (NOTE)newly elected politicians must remove the 2nd amendment and forcibly confiscate all guns and ammunition from every citizen. This must be done before the Islamic Jihadists begin their own invasion of all of the Americas. Haven't you noticed the militarization of all of the American police forces everywhere? There just isn't enough mass gang related demonstrations to justify armored equipment that will never be used in our current reality. Unless it is a pre-plan for things coming.
I really think it is to late for the USA. The protections of God are gone and it is we(Americans) who has walked away from God and passed laws against God. We all will suffer. You had better buy your guns and ammo. You had better become physically fit. You had better start taking martial arts anything. Don't forget the bible and prayer. It already is too late. Trim your oil lamps and have plenty of oil.
This is heavily censored. This is about the European invasion of Islam. Copy, save, share everywhere. You may also want to do the same with this entire blog. If you value the information contained.
Added on 17 Nov 2015@ 2055Hrs.:
I just had three visions and one data stream.
I saw various native American tribes all at once in a confusing since of merged time. I saw these tribal peoples running for their lives as if it were the old days when the American Government had conducted genocide upon these peoples. Running in the desert, the plains, the mountains the forests. They had to all be eliminated because of their spiritual history tied into their genes. Except now it was not the American government. The American Government was no more. These people were of Islam and they had decided it was the time of all tribal peoples to die.
I'm not really sure as to why I'm interested in the native tribes of America. But I am. I also saw how my entire family would be at risk because of my own spiritual ties. The genetic links to the spirit world are real. 
I saw a few men from up on high. They were down below me on top of a tall building. But, not one of the tallest buildings. From this building. They had a direct line of sight to many other great buildings. One man began lining up several RPG's to go with each of his targeted buildings. He had several extra RPG rounds to go with each launcher. He seems to have been left alone on top of the building. There was the appointed time to sit and wait. He got up. Still semi covered but then stood tall and proud. He targeted the greatest of buildings first. The first round aimed high and hit glass. Fire erupted. But after, each rocket was launched he became hurried and launched two more into that same building. Then he moved to other targeted buildings. They to became a fire. He heard noises down below and began throwing hand grenades down below. I was impressed with his throwing arm. Almost like he played baseball or football. End.
Third: Maybe two in one:
I saw the beginning of the American race war started by Louis Farrakhan. or to be blamed on him and his Nation of Islam. More than 10,000 able fighting men. Began to kill all non-black peoples. In one night more than ten thousand dead throughout the USA. Just by the NOI alone. This is not counting those who already have much racial hatred and go and kill for themselves.  Predominantly whites were targeted and killed. This spread all over the inner cities and else where. Over time The overwhelming response was a huge number of deaths by everyone against anyone who was not like them. Total Chaos. The US Government controlled media blamed Racists Militias, Racists Christians, Racists Tea Party, Racists Survivalists and Racists Doomsday Preppers. In which the US military and Air Force is used against it's own citizens. Missile launches as well as cruise missiles are used.
I could see a darkened house. There is a full and continuous view of it at every angle. Maybe 2+ surveillance aircraft are in use (Drones).  To create a full and uninterrupted view. Then a very large missile completely destroys the house. The very large missile seems to have been fired from a drone. It doesn't even resemble like it ever was a house.
Forth: Not a vision only information.
 Iran will only abide being Putins (Disrespect) pawn only for a little while. Then all of Islam will kill and destroy all that is Russia. Is President Putin the good guy? They secretly hope that Russia will sit by and watch. Western Europe destroyed. Blocked by Ukraine and Poland. 
NOTE: If the USA doesn't go into a fully Nationalized martial in 2016. Either way full gun confiscation will be enforced with instant death. By any means necessary. How about that for the paranoid train. In other words during a Nationalized Martial event. The full force of the entire military can be used against the citizenry considered enemies of the state. Who has already been labeled as potential enemies of the state? Do the research yourself. 
Added on 18 Nov 2015: The European and American politicians are doing things against their own civilian population. Maybe, they are not even aware of it or they are completely aware. In the time of the prophecy Isaiah 2. The common people will begin to decide and take actions for themselves. All without any human leadership and politicians. For it is they the politicians who began the downfall and near extinction of all life on this planet. For it is they the politicians who has made war to come to their innocent civilians by introducing foreign men who only has hate and knows only death to be amongst the helpless peoples. Sis this the beginning of the end of Europe 13 Nov 2015: Or did those 8 Syrian men who attacked France do so prematurely? Now the USA is continuing to accept these Muslim war fighters into the USA. They shall be placed in American cities and they will make war amongst the common American population.
Is President Obama creating a situation of chaos in order to remain in office through National martial Law? 
The rejection of Syrian refugees or Islamic war soldiers by State governors shall not matter in the long term. For every state has a Muslim population and when the Islamic Led American Tet Offensive begins. All of the USA will become destroyed. Total Chaos. Also the theft of nuclear bombs and their use against American cities.
Added on 22 Nov 2015:
Added on 30 Dec 2015: Ted Nugent and pigs. Not sure of the facts behind his claims.
Added on 31 Dec 2105: Islamic Intentions as reported:
Added on 30 April 2016:
Yes, These are important: John Guandolo. You Tube search term with less than 1 year. To find more info. It is important to match his Quran versus with what he is saying. Get the facts and actually verify them from sources and not from parrot people.
https://youtu.be/unVS7y2_-94 ======================
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish life. To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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