Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Erasers End: (Unedited): 02 Dec 2015:

The end of your eraser doesn't mean your pencil is no longer of good use. It does mean however for you to stop making the same old mistakes and depending on your eraser for continually correcting all of your ongoing errors. 
Can you handle the mind set of not making mistakes, of doing whatever it is you do correctly and perfectly the first time. Well, I write with a pen. I made that decision a long time ago.
Back to pencils.
I saw it as a way for me to begin bettering myself even before I knew the concept or even phrasing of it even existed. It was a deep emotional need. I saw the pen as a tool for the process of betterment. The pen became that which changed the way I think. No longer did I give myself permission to make mistakes and when I did make mistakes. I figured it out instead of just erasing the error and giving myself the permission that it was OK.
Yet today, The new struggles which vexes me only manifest more and more physical errors.
Today in this modern age we have new digital erasers. They are called "backspace" and "Delete" buttons.
The perfecting of you begins when you think about how you consider mistakes. Do you just erase and forget or do you analyze your mistakes in order not to repeat them. This is a path to perfection.

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